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Nike Find Your Greatness Campaign

No description

Amanda Lozano

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Nike Find Your Greatness Campaign

Amanda Lozano
Gabriel Cantu Nike: Find your Greatness Campaign Focus: “Londons” around the world.

Who: East London in South Africa, Little London in Jamaica, London Ohio in the US and a health club called London Gym. Back Story Ambush Marketing
Nike’s ambush ad campaign for the Olympics 2012 shares various stories across the world, inspiring people to achieve greatness in sport, and celebrates achievements of everyday athletes.

"The idea is to simply inspire and energize everyday athletes everywhere and to celebrate their achievements, participate and enjoy the thrill of achieving in sport at their own level.”
- Greg Hoffman, Nike Brand Chief Strategy Throughout the Olympics, Nike released a new Find your Greatness story each day.
Normal people and reinforced Nike’s philosophy.
Nike Find your greatness_ A story everyday The story that went viral
“It’s not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are all capable of it, all of us.” Jogger Ad "Nike Uses Fat Kid to Sell Shoes, Nation Rejoices"
Lindy West
Apparently America is freaking out about Nike's new ad campaign, which unofficially piggybacks on the London Olympics and.... @postsecret That Nike ad is repulsive.. A 12 year old should not be obese & we shoukd not be exploiting it..

https://twitter.com/gemswinc/status/232601468249714689 Criticism: “Exploiting an overweight child.” Celebrating achievements at the Olympics TV Ads
Print Ads
Social Media
Twitter and Facebook


Find Your Greatness event on Facebook

Facebook App
https://www.facebook.com/nikebasketball.phils/app_179039555562133 Media Outlets Instant hit at launch.
The Nike “Find your Greatness” Campaign topped the AdAge viral video chart and received extensive coverage.

On Facebook, Nike was mentioned by up to 430,597 people per day.

Nike’s find your greatness commercial=5,359,851 views

Advertising Age says-Creativity Best of 2012: Nike and Red Bull Reign At No. 1 Published: January 01, 2013 Results Greatness in all! Find it. Live it. Share it. Big Idea
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