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MLA Citing & Integrating Sources

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Dana Kramer

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of MLA Citing & Integrating Sources

When & Why to Use a Quote
Works Cited Page
At the end of an MLA paper, an alphabetically arranged list of sources gives full information about sources.
When you mention a source, include the author's title, credentials, and anything that will help your audience recognize your sources authority.
When you establish your sources authority you build your own credibility.

Joe Bob says "Apples are good for you."

Nutritionist, Dr. Joe Bob, says "Apples are good for you."
In-Text Citations
The first citation will be followed by (Author's Last Name, Page #). Following quotes from the same source will only include a page number (19).

When an entire quote is not necessary, it may be broken up with an ellipsis ...
When you leave out a full sentence or more use an ellipsis after a period
Make sure ellipsis do not change meaning of quote
The brochure states: "The atmosphere is chaotic ... and you can hear the trains."

MLA Citing & Sources
Effective Context

It needs to be obvious why quotes are in your paper and how they support your thesis.

Your audience should not wonder why your source material is in your paper.

Use a signal phrase to make a connection between your ideas and your sources
Explain why your source material relates to your point

How do I cite a quote in text?
How do I cite in my works cited page?
How do I lead into a quote so it doesn't sound awkward?
Signal Phrases
When a quote is used in your paper, prepare your audience. This done with Signal Phrases.

Signal Phrases customarily name the author of your source and present some context for your quote.


Frederick Lane reports
that employers do not have to use software to monitor how their employees use the Web: employers can “use a hidden video camera pointed at an employee’s monitor” (147).

How do I make the reader believe the quotation?
How can I make sure my quote makes sense where I place it?
Multiple Sources
How do I use quotes from multiples sources?
When exact wording is needed
When language is very expressive
Powerful Quote will add to your writing
Use to combine source ideas

To give credit where it is due
So your readers can find the original source
To support your claims!

Last name, First Name. "Title of Source."
Name of
. (Year printed): Page Numbers. Medium

Kesan, Jay P. "Cyber-Working of Cyber-Shirking? A
First Principles Examination of Privacy in the Workplace.
Florida Law Review
(2002): 289-332. Print

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
How do I avoid plagiarism?
Put summaries and paraphrases in your own words.
Read the source, then set it aside, and try to state the meaning in your own words.

Put all borrowed language or phrases in "quotation marks" with a page number following the citation. (#)

Cite all borrowed ideas and language

When in doubt, CITE IT!

Show your audience how one source connects to the other
Emphasize your own writing
Keep your argument easily identifiable and understandable, even without your sources

"Rules for Writers" Questions to Ask:
Which sources inform, support, or extend your argument?
Have you varied the function of your sources?
Do you use signal phrases to indicate these functions?
Do you explain how your sources support your argument?
Do you connect and analyze your sources in your own voice?
Is your argument easy to identify and understand with/without your sources?
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