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Anorexia is not something you should go to, to be skinny. There are other ways to lose weight. Plus Anorexia is NOT heathly!!!

Country Girl

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Anorexia

This is what anorexia
looks like. Sometimes
it can get even worse then
this. It is not healthy to live
like this, starving
yourself is not the answer.
Do you think this is
attractive? Why do people do this to them self? How does it affect your life? Can you die from it, is it healthy? Ever wonder what is going through there mind when they do this? What are short and long term affects ...and what suffers the most? Warning signs and treatment
for anorexia!!! Anorexia How does anorexia affect the body? It can stop your body's organs from working probably. It can damage your heart, kidneys, bones muscles and if you are a girl/woman it will affect your ovaries. If any of these organs get's damaged for too long without treatment you could die from it. Most of the problems will get better (if it hasn't gone on too long) if you start to gain weight.

It will affect you heartbeat and blood flow and if you are to thin for your height you can get low blood pressure and your heart might start to beat too slow to get enough blood to the organs that need it. Your heartbeat might become irregular. When you don't eat or drink enough your body will have vary little water and you would become dehydrated, that means less blood flows through your body and you may end up feeling dizzy or faint when standing up. It also effects your bones because when you stop eating you body starts to produce less estrogen. Estrogen is what keeps you bones solid and strong (bone lose can happen as soon as 6 months and anorexia effects the bones first). If you have suffered from anorexia for a long time you bones may become weaken. Witch mean your body has lost more bone then it can replace. When this happens you may be a risk of fracturing your bones, especially when your older. It also affects the teeth, skin, hair, nerves, intestines and hormones. Some short-term effects are dry skin, hair loss, organ malfunction, dehydrated, easy blackouts, dizziness, mental problems, low heart rate, low blood pressure and depression.
Long-term effects organ damage/failure/malfunction, irregular heart beat and maybe death.

The heart suffers the most because it is a muscle and need food and energy just as much as any other organ or body part does but when the heart doesn't get what it needs to work, it starts to get weaker (not able to pump as much blood as before).

-Anorexia is vary unhealthy an vary unsafe!! The basic warning signs for anorexia are extreme weight loss, thin appearance, dizziness or fainting, hair that breaks off or falls out (looks thin), dry skin, intolerance of the cold, dehydration, refusal to eat, denial of being hungry, obsession with body weight, shape and size, pretending to eat or lying about eating and feeling fat even thought you are underweight.
When you start treatment you need to start eating again slowly because if you eat too much at once it can harm your heart. Some easy steps to recover from anorexia are to admit to yourself that you have a problem, talk to someone, Stay away from people, places, and activities that trigger your obsession with being thin and find professional help. When you take treatment it is both mind and body, so you also need to change your thinking about yourself and remember that if you turn to anorexia and it gets really bad you could die. You can also call kids help phone to talk to someone about it. There is medical treatment, nutritional treatment and counseling and therapy for anorexia too. Anorexia!
By:Kristy Here is a short video showing what anorexia looks like. It's not pretty eh? People do that to them self because they want to be able to control something in there life, some to lose weight fast or have the need to be skinny to fit in, some people do it because they are getting bullied or other stuff is going on in there lives that makes them turn to anorexia and most don't like there body image or themselves either. This is not a choice that people chose, it is a mental problem. Once you start it, you can't seem to stop it is like an obsession. Most of the time that's what's going on in there mind, that I am skinny and now i will fit in, I won't be judged anymore, but truth is you will be judged even more now then ever. Did you know 1 outta 5 people have a eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia)....1 in every 200 have a very serious eating disorder. 90% woman/girls and 10% men/bous. How does anorexia effect your life? Anorexia can mess up your life pretty bad. You will lose friend because of it, it wrecks relationships, takes over your whole life, even if you get better it comes back more often the you would think and it also effects the people around you. All you will focus on is your weight, body and food....you won't pay any attention to the people you are hurting or how badly you are hurting yourself. As i said before it can get as bad to ware you have to go to a hospital or even end up dead. Then when you do get back to your old self nothing will really be the same any more, everythign will have changed. Websites I used to find the information I needed. -wiki.answers.com
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