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Take A Leap: Why nonprofits need to collaborate to survive

By Tara Daniels for YNPN Blog Out Loud 2012

St. Lou Fringe

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Take A Leap: Why nonprofits need to collaborate to survive

Why nonprofits need to collaborate to survive Take A Leap St. Lou Fringe Why Don't
Collaborate? Successful Future Tara Daniels
Associate Director-Community
St. Lou Fringe Started in Winter 2011 Partners, sponsors, and supporters Performing Arts Festival St. Lou Fringe Festival Accessible Unjuried Uncensored Unclear on how they would benefit Fear of Unknown How much am I getting for this? Money Is this group good
enough to work with our group? Ego Clear communication
Minimize overlap of services How much is this going to cost me? How does that fit into our mission? Is change a good thing? We don't need any help! Connect brave artists with bold audiences More efficient and
effective services Better way to
serve community Save money! Better Business New audience=new donors Ways to Collaborate Hosting seminars or workshops Informal Discussion Groups Offer intellectual property Fundraising event Ways to Collaborate Share office space Co-fund or co-sponsor an idea
Lobby jointly for new legislation Share employee services or volunteers Social media cross promotion Co-host events to raise awareness Agreement or arrangement Recognize mutual need How to Collaborate Merger Keys to Success Check ego/fear at the door
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