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Moma Food - Revolutionised Breakfast

Moma Food is created in 2005 from Tom Mercer and Amy Farren. The couple gave up their consultancy careers for early morning starts when they launched their chain of healthy breakfast stalls. The first site opened at Waterloo station in February 2006.

Arjan Dede

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Moma Food - Revolutionised Breakfast

MOMA Food! - Revolutionised Breakfast Created in 2005
First Stall in 2006
Waterloo Station - London Market Competitores Helathy breakfast - Oatie based.
Target customers: London commuters in the morning in/out main train stations Freshly made Juices/Healthy Breakfast and serves food & drinks all day
located by train & tube stations
well known and unique brand
molecularization of products quite high (weekly individulise products)
on twitter, facebook, flicker, nile guide...
a good presence on web - on first two pages of Google Search The larges smoothie drinks company in UK and with
a large presence in Europe
a well recognised brand
65% of the UK smoothies market
large distribution chanals inc. European
their smoothies are the no.1 choice from consumers
Unique logo, personal touch for all age groups E-Matrix Drivers Largest social networking on its own way. Great presence on web - all over Google Search
Get inspired by the cusomers interaction
on their website
Twitter (25699 followers), Facebook, fliker, youtube Globalization Knowledge Digitalization Virtualization Immediacy Innovation Molecularization Internet Working Re-Intermediation People
Technology e-Matrix Drivers Considered Moma Food in Digital world Individualization
What Sphere is Moma?
http://www.momafoods.co.uk/ Moma Food today have stalls in seven of London’s busiest railway stations selling their oat-based products, which are prepared by the MOMA team in the early hours of the morning and then sold to commuters on their way to work. They also supply: Ocado (online food supplier), 9 Waitrose stores, John Lewis, Selfridges & Co, and few other small outlets and coffee shops. Today the business is growing fast with £1.2 million turnover to date. Brainstormin: Ideas and more questions Idea: Moma Food in iPhone apps!?
People ordering their breakfast through an iPhone application on the way to the station (getting off or getting on the train). In the application they could find Moma stalls locations and even ordering their own customised flavour.

Questions: What would be the processes involved? Costs implications?
Would employees interact more with their customers?
Would the individualization of the products impact on other established distribution channels?
Idea: Publish Moma recipes on the websites actively!?
Don't ask in your website if people would like any recipes, but do publish them. Use your own website and through Twitter, Facebook and other well known social networks sites, publish current recipes and ask people to try them and feedback. Encourage all, through socila media, for recipes suggestions and try them on.

Questions: What would be the flux of information? What about the impact in operations?
Would you need more staff structuring this information? What about the impact in processes involved, production ...etc?
Idea: Staff twittering during working hours on related processes to Moma products!?
The production staff having 5 minutes in one house work to twitter what product they prepare/test ..etc. Stall staff twittering on what products they selling, who they meet and what they bought, and also other employees doing the same during their working hours. The condition is that in each sentence they have to include the world MOMA. You could use other social networking sites

Questions: What would be the impact on employees? What about the productivity on the business?
How would you measure the impact? If is positive, and how do you apply incentives for your staff? Would that be for the best seller or the most popular twitter (or other social networking)?
Idea: Launching the Moma-Kids range!?
New market, the futures market: Kids customising their MOMA products on the website and you deliver them to their schools first thing in the morning. You will increase the popularity of your brand among the next generation and establish future loyal customers.

Questions: What are the barriers on delivering by the school? (check legislations and laws)
How do you get around these barriers? What are the logistic implications?
Cost, production line, time lead? What would be the business model and how will link with the current model?
Moma Food on - 930 viewers to date
Moma Food in Digital World 745 followers to date Recruiting through the website Moma just open up to the digital world and exploring it - low present in Google Search
They re-branded themselves (April 2010)
on the market: The Best Breakfast Would the Moma products can be served only as breakfast food? How can you motivate all your employees
to be involved in R&D and marketing? To what extend can Moma individualize its product
thorugh their consumers? Can GenNet be the leading principle on growing Moma's business?
How can twitter (or any other nerworking site) play a part in employees performance evaluation? Can you also entertain the commuters in the morning
besides serving food? "Breakfast 2.0" - European Company
well known in few European countries with presence in UK market
a great, unique brand
business build on Website; Social Media/Networking, Relationships
business model success on Web 2.0
Spread the Word - Dedicated Page
well struchtured
well linked on the most
known social networks
high collaboration with latest Tech
(mymuesli: Apple is the perfect ingredient -
"mymuesli uses Apple software to fulfil the majority of its business tasks. For example, it uses the out-of-the-box iWork app Pages for correspondence, designing promotional flyers and generating invoices. Likewise, Numbers is used for business calculations and accounting, Keynote for all corporate presentations and Time Machine for automatic data backup"
http://www.apple.com/uk/business/profiles/mymuesli) Priorities and possible level of improvements
(Digitalization and Molecularization )
Moma! 1-How many employees are in the organisation?
2-How many computers do you have in your organisation?
3-How many employees are in social networking (in your knowledge)?
4-What is (if exist) the policy in your organisation on using social networking during work hours?
Fine – as long as not too much. Encouraged for our marketing person as it is Moma marketing
5-Do you have any spare PC in the office or main establishment?
6-What are the method of communications with remote sellers?
Phone or blackberry
7-Do you have a feedback form available for your customers or/and suppliers (on or off line)?
We have done one before as a one off exercise but don’t have a standard one
8-Do you have a structure screening of feedback and comments ( that include using internet applications)?
Yes – one person is in charge of reviewing this
9-What measures do you have in place to comply with your customers/consumers personal requirements?
Nothing really at a personal level – other than responding to e mail enquiries
10-Do you apply any of the latest technology in your business and for what part of it?
11-Are your employees tabbing the knowledge society in the internet ( members of discussion groups, business or social networking ...)?
Social networking – facebook, twitter
12-How do you ensure to profit from the digital lifestyle level of your employees?
Social networking is beneficial to promote Moma
13-What is the easiest way in your organisation to share knowledge?
Internal meetings, e mail
14-How is you R&D structured?
Run by the product development team
15-How do you test your new products?
Test internally then test with customers
16-What are the methods of communications between all your stakeholders in organisation?
E mail, phone and face to face meetings
Q - A
1-How do you encourage new ideas?
Discussion between team members, but particularly within their area
2-How the business encourage socializing, networking, team-working?
We go to some networking events that we are invited to
3- How do you recruit, what is your structure?
Normally through the internet – especially gumtree.com
Q - B
1-What is your market today?
Breakfast customers
2-Who is your main customer today?
London office workers
3-Who is your future customer?
People outside of London, Housewives shopping in supermarkets
4-Do you know your future market?
There are different channels but broadly, yes
Q&A with Moma’s MD Tom Mercer MyMuseli' s web presence & press "The humble bowl of muesli has
joined the internet revolution" "...Now, with mass customization, almost anything is possible." "a marvelous example of mass customization..." Important messages to Moma! Moma Food is on I Care Sphere – provide healthy and nutritious breakfast for commuters, because Moma cares. All Moma’s ingredients are fresh, healthier and produced locally, because Moma cares. The food is produced in the early mornings and deliver, because Moma cares.

Moma cares what you eat in the morning when you rushing to get to work!
Moma’s should use constantly the social networking websites to market the product, but concentrate on most popular with immediate impact; Twitter and Facebook, and be part of discussion groups on the web Encourage staff to use Twitter and Facebook on daily bases during working hours (usage time for discussion), where Moma or Moma products must be mentioned during conversations. Make R&D responsibility of every employee. Grow the product range. Moma have a great potential to individualise, customise, personalise its products.
Look at the option of providing Moma for Kids range. Collaborate with Innocent Drinks on providing The Best Breakfast Meal:
One Moma Oatie + One Innocent Smoothie
Publish food recipes on web through Moma’s website and discus them on other social networking sites. Encourage network members to participate and add their own ideas. Encourage your employees to get involve and participate on this network sites. Using the networking sites, promote constantly your existence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other discussion group sites. Get people talking about your products.

An area that should be improved is engaging employees, especially the stall supervisors, to interact more with consumers and ask questions. All this information should be communicated through Twitter and Facebook, as the most popular social media and available on almost all latest phones. Encourage your employees to join at least Twitter and Facebook and get connected. Increasing the number of PC in office will help. Explore the individualization of some products

Ask your regular customers in stalls the question: What mix ingredients would they like to have in their oatie portions? Make them fresh and especially for them the next morning. Inform them through Twitter or Facebook. Ask feedback from them online through the same media. Show that you personally care for them.
Beside the GumTree website, use facebook as well to advertise the new jobs. It will increase your response and quality of staff, but overall the presence on a very popular site. Publish online short videos and photos more often, on daily customer interaction, food production, new recipes preparation, Moma team events, and other activities. Use YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and other sites to publish it. Use http://search.twitter.com daily to check who is talking about your products and interact with them, feedback ... or even offer a free product on next visit to one of your train stations stalls. Check the comments below:

• lipsticklori: Why is the train always slow when I skip breakfast and plan to buy it at Charing Cross? I really need a big bottle of Moma Oatie right now.
1 day ago from twidroid • Reply • View Tweet (05/05/2010)

Comments like this should be seen as an opportunity - If one of moma team members could have replied for a free bottle of oatie on arrival ... !? Presented by:Arjan Dede Recommendation Next Stage of Consulting Moma!

Setting up measurement for e-Matrix drivers to reflect the impact on the business growth

Final Thought: Rewards will go to them who embrace the new technology and disrupt on the name of the customers – to them who bring the future closer!

Arjan Dede
Management Consulting
http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk http://www.crussh.com
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