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Nuclear Waste

No description

Hannah Taylor

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste
where to store it? The governement, over the past many years, has been carefully looking over THREE sites to store nuclear waste... Deaf Smith County, Texas Yucca Mountain, Nevada Hanford, Washington OR By: Hannah Weisman Now, it is time to choose. We must consider each option and decide so we can start planning. Let's Begin! DSC- Population Deaf Smith County is a small town in northern Texas. Within a range of 18,500 people nearby. But. Over 500,000 cows. With humans- it is one of the lowest options in nearby poplulation.

*Not including animals OR DSC- Weather Rainfall has a mere 17" average.
Nice temperature range (22-93 in fahrenheit.) DSC Location There are no volcanoes in the area.
On average, only once a year, a
5.5-6.0 earthquake is felt.
Much farmland and pastures. YM-Population DSC Dangers In any situation, there can be dangers. Here, the main risk is biotic. Though there is one of the lowest amount of people, if you consider other forms of life, (LIKE COWS!) it is the greatest. And if contamination were to occur, livestock produce will be unhealthy and dangerous to eat. Yucca Mountain has little to no population. One of the closest cities is Las Vegas, population roughly half a million. Yucca Mountain- Weather The terrain is mountainous and dry. Rain rarely occurs. And heat is more than an inevitability. YM- Location Yucca Mountain is a remote area with a long string of mountains and high hills. Seven of them are volcanoes, all 'dormant.' Earthquakes are rather frequent, and fourth highest in numbers in the US. That might cause a slight problem........ YM- Dangers Yucca Mountain is far enough away from civilization what no major land will be 'harmed,' and no major sources of sustinance travel amongst it- but temperature and earthquakes will continuously be a nuisance... E
E Hanford is in the midst of theTri-cities. Alone, it is 30,000 people. With others, over 125,000. Hanford-Population Hanford gets as cold as -25'F in the winter, and 110'F in the summmer. Also, it recieves as much 50 inches in rain! Hanford-Weather Hanford- Location Hanford has no volcanoes, and earthquakes are similar to that of Deaf Smith County. Most of the setting contains casually dry setting and it borders the Columbia River. More so, it is the closest site to a plate boundary. Hanford- Danger At Hanford, the danger is contamination. Being so close to such a major water source, (the Columbia River) worry can come from contamination. Also. The river links to the ocean, further spreading radioactivity. Now we have seen all of the options. A choice must be made.... Yucca Mountain! Yucca Mountain has the least set of side effects or risks. None to any nearby life or civilization in risk. Risk zone AND.... There is already a site built there! Thankyou for your time! As for the heat and earthquakes... The structure will be strong

and safe, like any nuclear plant would, temperature will be controlled. Precautions By Hannah Weisman
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