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Debunking Myths to Sustainable Lifestyles

LCC - 17/01/2013

TimeWire .it

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Debunking Myths to Sustainable Lifestyles

Let's think about
your lifestyle Environmental
Economic We know these choices
have an impact Let's rethink the limits
to adopting a more
sustainable lifestyle 3.
I don't want to wear hemp 2.
It's too expensive 1.
I don't know where
& how it's your future - Quality products

- Better for your health

- Unique

- Tell a story

- Positive impact Desirability Accessibility GoodGuide Ethical Fashion Forum EcoLabels Affordability christina.rebel@2pueblo.com

Follow me at @chrmoment Thank you! A Greener Festival Sustainable Restaurant Association Julie's Bicycle

The People's Supermarket
- Vote with your pound Swishing Local Markets WedgeCard From_Somewhere Helena Ludgate Divine Chocolate Jason Beauty Arcola Theatre Local Quirky Cafés so many more... ASOS Marketplace Surya People Who Share Greenwash guide 1.Fluffy language: Words or terms with no clear meaning, or jargon that only a scientist could check or understand 4. Imaginary friends: A ‘label’ that looks like third party endorsement … except it’s made up 2.Green products v dirty company: Such as efficient light bulbs made in a factory which pollutes rivers 3. Irrelevant claims: Emphasising one tiny green attribute when everything else is un-green - Local currencies - Sharing economy - Increased demand brings lower prices
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