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AR practices

Prezi for JoyAR meeting (6 April 2013)

Costas Boletsis

on 4 July 2016

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Transcript of AR practices

Augmented Reality
Costas Boletsis, MSc-MA
PhD student/researcher
Gjøvik University College, Norway
Some popular applications of AR...
Navigation & Annotation
A long way...
CorfuAR (corfuar.com)
AR City guide - Navigation & Annotation
- Developed with Layar (+ PHP, HTML, jQuery)
- Location-based
- Accessible by mobile devices at corfuar.com
- 1 non-personalized version (CorfuAR Basic)
- 3 personalized versions (CorfuAR Blue, Red, Green)
- Personalization based on segmentation criteria by WTO

Results from personalized VS non-personalized CorfuAR (N=33)
- Indications that the use of personalized CorfuAR presents higher Hedonic Motivation and Personal Innovativeness
Cinevision (cinevision.gr)
by Dimitra Chasanidou
Marketing - Cinema/Movies
- Developed using Layar vision (+ PHP, HTML, jQuery)
- Movie posters as markers

Results from measuring emotional factors when using Cinevision VS poster (N=291)
- Cinevision is associated with the emotional states of Pleasure and Arousal
AR + Education
focusing on the "wow factor"
Anatomy 4D
Augmented Reality Freedom Stories
Environmental Detectives
(MIT Teacher Education Program: http://goo.gl/iwl1W)
- wow factor
- backstory & context
- goals & challenges
- failure-win states
Mystery at the museum
(MIT Teacher Education Program: http://goo.gl/fyvnm)
The Table Mystery
- AR mystery game about the periodic table and the chemical elements
- game for Science Centre
- players: students 10-14 years old
- 3 teams of 3 students
- Each team has 3 characters: Technologist, Researcher, Investigator
- Using AR to scan elements on the periodic table and 3D models/clues come up
Prototype screenshots
Backstory & scanning screen
Finding a 3D model when scanning an element
Players getting their characters
- Provide a pleasant experience associated with chemistry, different from that in class
- Provide a certain amount of knowledge
- Promote collaboration between students
AR as output
Combination with gestures
What the future holds...
Thank you
Useful links
Leap Motion
Pebble watch
Squire et al. “Design Principles of Next-Generation Digital Gaming for Education”: http://goo.gl/xmuRB

Simon McCallum - Prezi channel on Serious Games, AR, Gamification and more: http://prezi.com/user/jjil82flg69g/prezis/

Augmented Reality & Games in Education prezi: http://prezi.com/nbgi2qrfjzup/augmented-reality-games-in-education/

Basics of Augmented Reality presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/aky25/augmented-reality-presentation-3119696

Latest Augmented Reality articles & news:
McCallum & Boletsis, "Augmented reality & Gesture-based Architecture in Games for the Elderly", to be published at pHealth 2013.
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