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The History of Disneyland

No description

Raquel Gassmann

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of The History of Disneyland

This is a picture/map of Disneyland.This is the place where dreams come true and memories are born.Disneyland is known for their silly characters and joyful rides.I have come to love this place even though I have only been there once.The amazing characters who come to life and are so well created I think Disney should be congratulated for his amazing work that everyone loves.Since Disneyland is so popular now that they created parks all over the world.
I would like to thank my mom , dad,and Mr.Saia ,for helping me on this project.Also Google and Youtube.
Also when he created his characters for the rides and how they designed the rides while under construction.
Would you like to hear about Disneyland and how he created the park?
Also you will love all the different pictures and blueprints of rides.This will be the best Prezi you will ever see trust me.
Disney decided to create Disneyland
after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s
and 1940s.So he decided to buy a 160 acre piece of land so he can build his dream place. Disneyland opened officially on July 17,1955 to the public and press.
Construction for
Disneyland began on July 21,1954,
a meager 12 months before the park was scheduled to open.From that day forward Walt Disney's life would never be the same.Some 160-acres of citrus trees had been cleared and 15 houses moved to make room for the park.The area was in a semi-rural Orange County,near a freeway that would eventually stretch from San Diego to Vancouver.When the real designing came around , Walt was met with inevitable questions.How do you make believable wild animals ,that aren't real?How do you make a Mississippi paddle ship?How do you go about building a huge castle in the middle of Anaheim,California, and etc.So,Walt Disney looked to his movie studio staff for answers.
The design of Disney-
land was something never done before.There would be four uniquely different lands.Walt had planned out all of the lands,to every detail.Main Street,U.S.A,was where Walt wanted to relive the typical turn of the century city there. He said,"For those of us who remember the carefree times it recreates,Main Street will bring back memories."
"For younger visitors, it is an adventure in
turning back the calendar to the days of
grandfather's youth."
The History Of
By Raquel Gassmann
Period 4
June 7,2013
Lets hear of all the details
about the sections in Disneyland.The different lands are Adventureland,Frontierland,Fantasyland,and Tomorrowland. Walt stayed close to every detail of the park's construction,and he visited the site in Anaheim several times a week.Progress went sporadically despite exasperating obstacles.Bit by bit,Disneyland got ready for opening day.The staff worked around the clock to get ready.The Mark Twain was being moved,deck by deck,
down the Santa Ana freeway to get to Disneyland on time.Disneyland cost $17,000,000 to build.Opening day was a day to remember, six thousand invitations to the Grand Opening had been mailed.By mid-afternoon over 28,000 ticket holders were swarming there.
Presented to Mr.Saia
This prezi describes how they started and more than a lot details.I will be covering if you didn't know all things Disneyland and building problems.
Walt Disney was 53 when when he
dedicated Disneyland Park.Although,
opening day was a disaster starting with a 15 day heat wave
raised temperature up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Also,due to a plumbers strike,few water fountains
were operating in the hot weather.Asphault still steaming,
because it had been laid the night before,literally"trapping"
high heeled shoes.After opening day,the heat wave continued ,
and almost wiped out the park.Beside the terrible opening day
conditions,the park did eventually pick up.By 1965,ten years
after opening day,50 million visitors had come through the
gates.Even though Walt Disney wasn't able to see how his
park and his legacy still lives on with us.Throughout
Disneyland and throughout the entire world, he will always
be there.
P.S. I hope you enjoyed this
(amazing) prezi.
These are blue prints of a ride
and of Disneyland
TWO of opening day
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