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Nouns and quantity expressions

No description

Ana Soriano

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Nouns and quantity expressions

Nouns and quantity expressions Countable/uncountable nouns UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS PLURAL NOUNS --------------- COUNTABLE NOUNS -Have a plural and a singular form
-Can be used with a/an
-Can be used with numbers

an apple / three apples -Most only have a singular form
-Can't be used with a/an
-Can't be used with numbers

We had fantastic weather
(not A fantastic weather!!) -Don't have a singular form
-Can't be used with a/an

jeans, glasses, scissors...

I have bought a pair of jeans Common uncountable nouns
in ENGLISH!!! advice information
food news
hair money
knowledge work
travel furniture QUANTITY EXPRESSIONS a few
not many
a couple of
how many
one, two, three...a million Only a few people came to the party
How many bananas are there in the fridge? QUANTITY EXPRESSIONS a little
a bit of
how much...? How much money do you have in your pocket? QUANTITY EXPRESSIONS FOR
a lot of
lots of
plenty of There were a lot of apples in the fridge
I have a lot of money in the bank
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