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Madison Ernewein

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of Triduum

Maggy, Myla,
Madison, Wilhelm

Triduum has three most solemn days of the liturgical year.
March 25 Good Friday
March 26 Holy Saturday
March 27 Easter Sunday ( Lord's Day)
Another name for the Holy Triduum or Easter triduum
On good Friday Jesus was arrested by Pontius Pilate , crucified , died and was buried. Jesus said seven last words:
"Father, forgive them"
"This day you will be with me in paradise"
"Woman be hold your son"
" My God MY God why has thy forsaken me"
"I thirst"
" It is finished"
"Father into your hands"
The feast on good Friday is feasting.

Good Friday
Holy Saturday
On Holy Saturday we celebrate Jesus laying in the tomb. This is the day after Good Friday and the Day before Easter Sunday. It is also known as Easter Eve and Black Saturday

~ Is a day of grief and mourning of patient waiting and hoping.
~ We grieve the death of the most important figure in our catholic church.
~The faith of Mary and the disciples was strongly challenged on that first Holy Saturday as they awaited the resurrection.

Easter Sunday is considered a happy day for Christians because we believe that Jesus rose on this day and opened the gates to heaven.

~ Is one of the most festive events among christians.
~ It celebrates Jesus's Resurrection from death.
~ Is the most attended service at catholic churches
Easter Sunday
Question Answer

Feast Day during Triduum :The last Supper(the
last supper Jesus with the 12 appostiles.)

On Sunday in church is Easter day with night fall when the Church goes from dark to light. We also rejoice that Jesus has risen an opened the gates to heaven. Easter has for many points: the sever of lights, the liturgy of the word, the liturgy of baptism and the liturgy Eucharist.
Differences during Mass: Holy Thursday white is used to show joy. Good Friday red is used for the death of Jesus. Easter Sunday white and gold is used for importation of Jesus resurrection.

The meaning of the season is the three most important day were we prayed and prepare for the feast and the gates opening to heaven. As Chatholics we learn and grow closer to god druing this time.
The One is for us bevelive that Jeues went to heaven and opened the gates for us.
The holy is for us being un holy only Jeuse is because we all make mastakes
The Catholic is for us all being bathized in the church. Last is to show and tell the whole world who Jeuse is and why he was sent for us in the church.
The Apostolic is for hear the story's of Jeuse through the is Apostolic and the teaching Jeuse told other. ect. ( feeding five thousand people)
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