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Advance Personalized Learning- Engineering Grand Challenges

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Sarah Chitwood

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Advance Personalized Learning- Engineering Grand Challenges

Advance Personalized Learning
Sarah, Christian, Anthony, and Christopher

What is personalized learning?
It makes learning easier and more effective by solving the needs of each individual learner.

Students can learn at their own
Problems with current education
Regular education doesn't focus on individual differences in learning styles.

"One-size fits all approach".

Common problem- not a priority.
Engineering roles in personalized education
Neuroscience shows different learning patterns.

Engineers can develop ways to learn based on different learning styles

Software engineers can make new software for individualized learning.

Recent Advances
software that tests the student's knowledge
creates a curriculum of what needs to be learned based on the test
marks progress of learning
Future Predictions
Software for personalized learning will become more readily available.
Improvements will emerge as more research in learning patterns and algorithms occurs.
More approaches to personalized learning will emerge with these improvements.
Health and Well Being to Humanity
all based on own level
motivation, determination, instruction, types of learning, learning conditions
overall improvement in academics/education
What is needed from engineers?
develop a software to address the learning styles of the student.
user friendly
adapt to each person
developments in technology needed to advance.
Products developed for personalized learning
Online Homeschooling
"Teach to One"
How it will affect the school system
Won't totally replace traditional school set up
It will always be based on personal learning pattern
Emerging Technologies
more research needed on different styles of learning
changing of school systems must occur in order to mainstream personalized learning approaches
Why is advancing personalized learning important to the world?
Why is it important to the US?
Why is it important to us?
The more personalized learning is used, the better the individual students will learn material needed in order to pursue careers in matters that could affect the population on a worldwide scale.
As more knowledge becomes available to students through personalized learning, more jobs can be filled and more innovators can make advances that allow the US to become a leader.
Personalized learning offers a more individualized approach to schooling, which could open up many new opportunities with the knowledge that could become available to everyone.
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