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Freak the Mighty

No description

Linda Fuller

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty
Plot Summary
This is a story about two eighth-grade boys who became unlikely friends. One, a huge, learning-disabled boy named Maxwell, and the other, Kevin, a brilliant young man who unfortunately suffered from a birth defect that kept his bones and body from growing while his organs and brain still did.
Falling Action/Resolution
Max is rescued from Killer Kane. Life is good for a while until Kevin's health begins to fail and he has a seizure at school. Instead of getting the robotic body he told Max he would, he dies at the hospital. Max eventually writes all their adventures in a blank journal which becomes the book, Freak the Mighty.
Maxwell Kane and Kevin
Direct and Indirect Characterization
Direct Characterization: "I'm an L.D., and reading books is the last thing I want to do..." p. 19

The author directly characterizes Maxwell as learning disabled.

Indirect Characterization: "Yeah, you," he goes, and he's doing his hippity walk, strutting along, he's got these fancy cool cowboy boots with metal toes. "Yeah, Andre the giant and the dwarf, hold on a sec, I want a word with you." p. 30

The author shows Tony D. is an arrogant, insulting bully by the way he talks down to Max, and the way he dresses and walks.

Exposition/ Rising Action
Freak the Mighty is formed after Maxwell and Kevin fight off Blade and his gang at the end of the fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Their friendship grows closer after school starts and Kevin "Freak" tutors Maxwell, and Max continues to protect Kevin from school bullies.
The climax of the book is when Killer Kane is released on parole and comes to Max's grandparent's house for Max, seeking revenge.
The antagonists were Blade and his gang, Killer Kane, Kevin's disease.

Tony D. a.k.a. "Blade" was a bully with a gang of punk friends who enjoyed torturing Max and Kevin.

Kane was a constant reminder of the potential Maxwell had to become a bad person.

Kevin's disease was slowly killing him.

Figurative Language
Personification: "Shhhh! The Fair Gwen must not know of the plan. The very idea strikes fear into her heart. p. 88

Simile: "But Freak is riding me like he's the jockey and I'm the horse..." p. 78

Metaphor: ""Wait,"Freak says. "The calvary is coming, can't you hear that bugle?" p.38

Hyperbole: "Someday the rerun will come to an end and you'll see all the stars start to flick off, like a billion little flames blown out by the wind." p.102
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