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No description

Valentina Lugo Mesa

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Alpina

Before Goggle and Bazinger founded Alpina, only fresh cheeses had been eaten in Colombia, they introduced new cheeses such as Emmental and Parmesan, they have since remained innovative in their products bringing new and delicious ones to our homes.
Changes and Growth
In the Late 1970's the company merged with a group of share holders, who would invest more money in it and make it grow and it did, in less than 10 years its clients doubled and the company started a journey towards becoming international.
When Walter was invited to Colombia in 1945 by a swiss-man, he then recruited his childhood friend Max Bazinger, he agreed to start a business with Goggle and the pair started looking for places to start their very first factory.
Alpina started growing and getting more famous around Sopo and its nearby places. Instead of having to go around on foot with a trolley, the duo had the chance to buy their very own truck.
Max Goggle had always had the dream of making his own business, so when the opportunity was given to him by his grandfather, he didn't hesitate. The whole family migrated to Ecuador, given the war situation in Europe

The duo was fascinated by Sopo's landscapes and it was there where they decided their company would be located. They bought a big house where they started making cheese artisanally.
The Giant is born
Goggle was the one to design the Alpina logo, one day he stamped it in a cheese in green ink, and ever since that day the logo hasn't changed much.
After this in the 1950's the demand for the company was so high, the duo had to take out a credit from the bank and buy new land for a more innovative facility,

A Swiss dream made come true in Colombia
Years of joy
Alpina grew at a tremendous rate after the 90's, the place where they first started their business has gained so much land it it now a family hangout place, where people enjoy their weekends.
Products Galore
Alpina has realeased an amazing amount of new products into the Colombian, Venezuelan and Ecuadoria market, having expanded to them in the last few decades, for kids, adults, for dieting, almost anything you can think of, it has grown into one of the biggest national companies in Colombia.
Today according to "Dinero" magazine it is the second biggest dairy maker , and the 46th biggest national company. Up to 2013 the company´s total income was of ( amount is in millions) 1.6919.536 of pesos and its profits were of (amount is also in millions) 33.529. It has also recently changed CEO and Alpina's current head is Emilio Alvarez
More than 60 years have passed since the friends came to Colombia, and it has come to be one of the most loved companies by Colombians, it is also now present in three different countries than Colombia, and it has recently obtained permission from the US government to start building their own factory in us soil, Alpina has come a long way since being in a big house with two friends having the time of their lives.
Industry and Profits
Dinero magazine "500 biggest Colombian companies"
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