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Title Source Case Study

Akrum Eidelsafy

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Google

Thriving in Work and Life
What does all this mean for Title Source?
Personal and Professional Satisfaction
Life Vision
Goals to Become Best-version-of-self
“They don't really want balance. They want satisfaction.”
Buy books for team members
Reading plan
Brian and Jeff book “Zupdates,” application to TSI
Team follow ups, personal goals

Financial peace
Debt free plan
Long-term vision
“From financially flabby to financially fit.”
7 Baby Steps
1. $1000 (Emergency Fund)
2. Pay-off all debt with (Debt Snowball)
3. 3-6 months savings (Full Emergency Fund)
4. Retirement
5. College Funding
6. Pay-off home early
7. Build Wealth (Mutual Funds/Real Estate)
Program is personable and scalable for whole company
Most people are moderately to severely sleep deprived and 71% do not meet the recommended 8 hours/night. (Dr. James Maas)
The Sleep Crisis

Dr. James Maas,
Cornell University
“Sleep is a Necessity Not an Option”
Sara Hughes
Self- Clarity

Essential tool for success
A shaky foundation is impossible to build on
Increase efficiency and motivation
Organized, standardized
Data Driven
Constantly revised
Not just for new hires
With applications constantly being launched, 1/3rd of Google’s employees are always in some kind of training at any given time
Called a vital part of their business strategy

Title Source
Recent efforts to overhaul training
Worksheets and animations
Outdated quickly
Expensive to produce
Not uniform
Cuts into other people’s day

The Solution
Bitesized clips:
Small enough to easy to create, large enough to be substantive
Easy to swap in and out
Series of clips fall under a larger heading (ATLAS)

An Innovation lab of Google
Google Labs was a page created by Google to demonstrate and test new projects
Google Labs as "a playground where our more adventurous users can play around with prototypes of some of our wild and crazy ideas and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them”

Google [X] – Google Labs
Google [X] Inventions
Self-driving car
Augmented reality glasses – Google Glasses
Internet service via balloons in the stratosphere
Neural network that uses semi-supervised learning, enabling speech recognition and extraction of objects from video - for instance detecting if a cat is in a frame of video
Space elevators
The most famous of Google Labs products are Google Maps and Google News.
‘Tesseract Project’
Created in the ‘Technology’ team. It is a forum where team members collaborate to work on innovative ideas focusing on new applications, features, improvements to existing systems and process changes.
These ideas are prototyped and developed with a passion for finding a better and more innovative way to do business
Successfully Completed Projects: 8
Working On: 12
Completed but Not Implemented: 2

How we can Improve
Innovation should not be restricted to the Technology group
Extend to other TitleSource Employee’s
Promoting general awareness about these projects among all Title Source employees
Have allocated budget for ‘Tesseract Projects’
Active participation from Leadership to set examples to fellow employees as Innovation start from the Top
Implement rewards and recognition for successfully implemented projects. Special recognition and reward’s for ‘Risk Taker’s’
No idea is a bad idea – remove Employee’s fear of taking risk and accepting failures thereby removing the impediment for lack of participation
Provide the infrastructure, support and encouragement

It would increase employee engagement in the following areas:
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Knowledge Sharing & empowerment

2.55 Overall Average
How Stressful is Your Job?
A reputable survey stated that employees reported stress was responsible for:
Errors and/or missed deadlines by 21%
Trouble getting along with coworkers by 15%
Missed days by 15%
Lateness by 14%

Stress @ Work = Bad Business
However, 44% of Google employees report low job stress, an industry low.

They’re constantly urging employees to relax at work by providing toys, video & other games, and even nap pods.

Would you be interested in classes provided at work related to stress management, creating a better work/life balance, and multitasking? (Circle all that apply)
Temperature control
More lounges
Recreation areas
Office environment
Things Needed to be Comfortable
TSI Employees
Do you see yourself spending more time here and working more if you were provided with more luxurious lounge areas (similar to Compuware) that included nap pods, plush couches, and massage chairs?
"It's less about the aspiration to be No. 1 in the world, and more that we want our employees and future employees to love it here, because that's what's going to make us successful," says Karen May, the VP of people development at Google.

This goes hand-in-hand with the ISMs, We are the “they” and Numbers and money follow; they do not lead. Make a more comfortable experience for employees and results will come.


Pittsburgh Office
96% of TSI team members would likely take advantage of this benefit
Three free meals per day
Free, healthy, and delicious food options make for happier Googlers
$75 a day per employee on food
Gmail was created over lunch at Google
Title Source:
$15 per team member per day, $3,900 per team member each year
Benefits: Productivity, collaboration, innovation
Investing pennies and getting dollars
Free Lunch
95% of team members desire a cafeteria for TSI
100 cafes worldwide
User interfaces
Phone apps
Title Source:
Phone apps
Support local, 30% of food within 150 miles and the rest from within state lines
User interface
Learn from Google
Build a Cafeteria for TSI
72% of team members would eat healthier if food was labeled
62% would be more likely to pick a healthier option if the unhealthy choices were stored out of sight

All food labeled according to health
Stocked with both healthy options (train mix, dried fruit) and unhealthy options (candy, sugar filled treats)
Stores all unhealthy food out of sight

Label our snack options in the kitchen:
is healthy,
is okay, and
is unhealthy.
Store unhealthy snacks out of sight, leaving healthy options on counter
Reduced healthcare costs
Support “Go Healthy” Movement
Chief Culture Officer (2007): Stacy Sullivan
Stacy works with/implementing the following:
Culture Clubs
People Analytics
Interest Clubs
Culture left mostly in the hands of team members
Her goal:
Have all employees play a part in influencing culture
Title Source
Experiencing similar growth in finding optimal solutions
Stacy Sullivan
"I work with employees around the world to figure out ways to maintain and enhance and develop our culture and how to keep the core values we had in the very beginning–a flat organization, a lack of hierarchy, a collaborative environment–to keep these as we continue to grow and spread them and filtrate them into our new offices around the world"
The data gatherers
Everything is analyzed and proven to be effective
People costs approach 60% of variable costs
Each employee generates $1million in revenue and $200,000 in profit each year, on average.
New mother attrition rated drop 50%
Sincere welcome to new team members increased productivity 15%.

People Analytics
Team member volunteers
Completely team member driven!
Broken down by
Office, country, state etc.
Problems with the culture
Communication on ways to improve
Input is bottom up
Culture Clubs
Anything from bowling club to economic policy.
Organized and official
Smaller community
Approaching 33,000 team members worldwide
Breaks up large community
Similar to college
Special Interest Clubs
Why Title Source NEEDS To Improve Culture
We lack a culture team
Expand T-Source Force
Full time Culture team
Focus on data
Facilitate internal surveys for improvement
Engineered to suit individuals
Create smaller community
Reducing outside influences team members bring from previous company cultures.
Communicating culture between Team Members and Team Leaders
Vision - ‘Building Better Bosses’ improves intra-communication
Transparency - Allows for building trustworthiness between team members.
Voice – An environment that has channels for team members to express their thoughts, fosters an uninhibited workspace.
Value Added to Title Source
Gives meaning to what people are working on, become more engaged with their environment
A well defined vision contributes to leaders having goals and realizing them into something tangible
Improving Top Down approach in sharing culture
Each sub-team gains a specialized view of the vision
Default to Open: Rather then starting from a point where you choose what to share start from a point where you choose what NOT to share

This allows for team members to feel trusting and far more comfortable within the organization since they see the “Big Picture” & might even do their jobs in ways leaders didn’t anticipate.

Every quarter the executive chairman presents to all Googlers the exact materials that were presented in the board of directors last meeting (CEO recorded lectures)

Obsessed with finding a better way
Recently added 1800 new team members
65% of company has been here less than a year
Larger outside culture influences
Learning culture harder than before
Team leader 10-14 month rotation not occurring
T-Source Force
Meet monthly
Focused on engaging team members and bringing fun to the company
Usually 1 event per month
Not official titles/position
The inches we need are everywhere around us
We are the they
Every second counts
A Penny Saved is a Penny
Numbers and money follow they do not lead
We eat our own dog food
We'll figure it out
You'll see it when you believe it
You have to take the roast out of the oven
It's not about WHO is right it's about WHAT is right
Brain Impairment

Two weeks of 6 hours/ night sleep leads to a functioning capacity = .1% BAC! (Dr. James Maas)
The sleeping brain is highly active:
It regulates immune, hormone & endocrine functions essential for general health. Dr. Jan Born (University of Luebeck) Germany found that people who sleep only 6 hours, have lowered their resistance to viral infection by 50%
No early or late meetings
At-home conference calling
Paternity leave
Sleep Pods
Thriving in Work and Life
Peak Performance
Financial Excellence
Brain Renewal With Sleep
The sleeping brain is highly active and replenishes brain neurotransmitters that organize new information and ideas into long term physical storage...

Essential For:
Athletic Excellence

Sleep Determines:
Waking Success
General Health
Thriving in Work and Life
What does
Financial Excellence
Peak Excellence
EDU Finance Classes
What does...
Channels to express ideas and turn knowledge into action.
Google regularly surveys ALL managers:
"Best” enlisted as mentors and role models, “Worst” given support
Helps 75% of managers improve within a quarter
Google’s culture works because of the free atmosphere: Cultivating a creative, passionate brain-force has no price

Transparency + Vision + Voice
Creative Committed and Passionate Teams

Google’s objective-key result goal-setting
Google EDU Search Inside Yourself (SIY)
Google EDU Parenting Classes
Peak Performance
Studies have revealed that getting less than
hours of sleep results in a
increase in possible obesity than 7-9 hour sleepers.
Hours Sleep =
Hours Sleep =

16 Year Old Olympic Gold

Book Club (Brian and Jeff )
Seminars (Stress Management, Financial Concerns)
Bi- Monthly Discussion of Goals (Short & Long term)
More Transparency
Create a Culture Team
Free Lunch & "Go healthy" movement
New Cafeteria
Lounge Areas
Re-adjusting floor demographics
Improve training and development
Involve ALL of TSI in the Teseract Project
Encourage Participation from leaders
Budget Allocation
Awareness among the business
Always Raising our Level of Awareness

Innovation is rewarded Execution is worshiped

Do the right thing
Ignore the Noise
Responding with a sense of Urgency is the ante to play
Simplicity is Genius
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