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Doon Po Sa Amin, May Mahiko Mula sa Hurno.

Sinfully Sweet Customized Cupcakes

Sharadenn Seblos

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Doon Po Sa Amin, May Mahiko Mula sa Hurno.

How the Concocter
Came To Be The Magic Behind It All The students and the teachers of the group without whom, this would be impossible. Story Description Liezl Oberio, the baker, on how she became the wife-slash-mother-slash-cook that she is today. M Starting Point Stepping Stone Inay,
Please? 1 2 3 When Ate Liz was still in high school, one of their electives was cooking. One of the subtopics in cooking was baking. And since then, she started building an interest in the activity. Although she’s fond of baking, she was lacking the financial boost to accomplish the complete experience of being a baker. It wasn’t until she got married when she acquired complete support from her husband. The couple later had a beautiful daughter named Google Cache. And as a girl, she cannot deny the need to be, well, girly. Thus the countless demands of cupcakes every now and then. 4 Dreams Become Reality Request after request, Ate Liz’ skills improved. Later her hobby made a business and she currently has customers even outside the city. Why
cupcakes? Like,
why not? Cupcakes. They are sinfully sweet in nature. But mix it with creativity and icing and what do you get? A masterpiece waiting to find itself dancing on your taste buds! Where did cupcakes originate? The oldest recipe found for cupcakes is the following recipe from ‘American Cookery’ by Amelia Simmons (1796). Baked in “small cups” but the word ‘cupcake’ is not used A light Cake to bake in small cups.
Half a pound sugar, half a pound butter, rubbed into two pound flour, one glass wine, one do. rosewater, two do. emptins, a nutmeg, cinnamon and currants. The term 'cupcake' was first found in Eliza Leslie's 'Receipts' (1828). Customized Cupcakes in GenSan Doon Po Sa Amin,
May Mahiko Mula sa Hurno We chose this topic since only few cupcake businesses are present in Gensan and Confections by Liezl is one of them. Here are some of her works Still don't
like 'em? Introduction Curious at all about how it all became:
from something as simple as sugar
into a whimsical, delectable display? Inquisitive, maybe, about its secrets?
The techniques in creating such artistic facets? Look no further!
Your search has ended
This is what you're looking for
You will 'WOW!' with amazement “May Mahiko Mula sa Hurno”
features the uniqueness
of a customized pastry.
The blog focuses on cupcakes,
And the lush toppings
we all fancy. From mixing the dry
and wet ingredients,
To sprinkling the
fairy dust on top.
Feel free to
explore and enjoy,
We’ll make sure to
make your mouth drop. e t h o d o l o g y After choosing our topic
which is about cupcakes,
specifically 'Confections by Liezl',
we conducted a meeting
where in we discussed
when to visit Ate Liz. When we arrived at Ate Liz's house,
we first introduced ourselves properly.
She then began to demonstrate
us how to make cupcakes. We started to set up the cameras
and stands. During the procedure,
we got to record the steps
through videos and images. After making the cupcakes,
Ate Liz demonstrated how to
apply the icing and the other
toppings. We tried it ourselves
and... TADA! After making the cupcakes,
we thanked Ate Liz for all the
work she's done and for the

huge help in our study
and went home.
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