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Learning Goals & Success Criteria

AFL Training Year 1

Laurie Foster

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Learning Goals & Success Criteria

Assessment for Learning Tuesday, Feb. 12/13 SUCCESS CRITERIA Learning Goals & teachingboys Let's Review: Learning Goals: What are learning goals? 3 important elements of learning goals are? Success Criteria for learning goals... Let's Share: What were your experiences with learning goals? What questions do you still have about learning goals? What clarifications are still needed? Let's Celebrate: What were your successes using learning goals? Learning Goals: The Next Level Where are we going? Can you connect this learning target to a previous lesson that we've had? Does the learning goal invite students to take ownership of their learning? What are we expected to learn? Why is this important? What are we going to learn? Success Criteria: Developing Success Criteria: Helping Students Understand Success Criteria: Co-Constructing Success Criteria: #1 Developing Success Criteria: are standards/rules students use to make judgments about the quality of performance
students use criteria to determine what progress they are making toward achieving the criteria show what success looks like
when criteria is used to assess, it gives both the student & the teacher feedback about learning
it answers the question, students become more independent in being able to monitor their progress & make decisions about next steps in their learning TASK related learning goal How Am I Going? } What traits, characteristics, and/or qualities are you looking for in the student's performance? Ideas to Post: rubric checklist t-chart #2 Understanding Success Criteria: Task Related communicating the criteria orally & written task = culminating students need to interact with the criteria because it increases their comprehension & their use of it } #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Ways to Ensure Understanding: Discuss success criteria with examples from the task Encouraging students to ask qualifying questions about the criteria Modeling the application of the criteria to a sample or exemplar Asking students to apply the criteria to a sample Asking students to use the criteria for peer/self
assessment #3 } Co-Constructing Success Criteria: Step #1 - Brainstorm Step #2 - Sort & Categorize Step #3 - Make & Post a T-Chart: Step #4 - Add, Revise, Refine Brainstorm: What should we be looking for?
Give them time (Think/Pair/Share)
Give them anonymous exemplars
If it is the 1st time co-constructing, give them a task they are familiar with
Share the Success Criteria as a class using student's words *If some criteria are missing - be sure to add it to the list* Sort & Categorize: Can be done by teacher/student
Look for similar ideas/patterns
Cluster details under headings - therefore, criteria will become more manageable Make and Post a T-Chart: Category Titles Brainstorming Add, Revise, Refine: Co-constructing Success Criteria is an ongoing process! The more student learning that occurs, may
result in more criteria being added.. Now... Let's put our learning into action! Curriculum Documents Also, bring with you an assignment that you will be evaluating and putting into your marks book for your students. Preferably, one that is coming up in the week of Instructional Rounds (Feb. 27/28th).
-this can include the actual assignment, the rubric you have used in the past, and any exemplars of the assignment that you have, as we will be working with those assignments on the training day. A culminating activity/assignment & Thank you for your time
and ongoing commitment to
Assessment for Learning! Our Schedule: 2nd Semester Full Day Training: Week 1: Learning Goals & Success Criteria Week 2: Implementation in your classes, now implementing Learning Goals on a more regular basis (daily)
applying Success Criteria to a major task Week 3: Instructional Rounds 2 teachers host Rounds
collective sharing of successes & challenges concerning Learning Goals & Success Criteria Week 1: Full Day Training repeat above schedule
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