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UCL Academy Collaborative Group Learning Culture

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rob gratton

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of UCL Academy Collaborative Group Learning Culture

The Academy pedagogy is shaped by the nature of the teaching and learning experiences across a Learning Session, in line with 5 approaches to teaching and learning.

Across all is the application of the
which are a key feature, and
Minimum Standard
, of the UCL Academy pedagogy.
nified Learning Sessions link back to previous learning and link forward to future learning;

riteria and Objectives are clearly expressed using
I can statements
and assessed throughout the learning session informing "just in time" teaching;

earning captures the interest and imagination of students through the use of
learning spaces
, technology and the use of a variety of appropriate resources;

visibly informs
, shapes and highlights evidence of ambitious progress within the learning session and contributes to evidence of progress over time; and

tudents can articulate and reflect upon
where they have come from, where they are going, where they are
and know when they have got there, within their learning.

Each Learning Session should provide learners with at least 5 choices. Choices could include:
1: Which environment to learn in/where to sit
2: What resources/tools to use
3: What activities to complete
4: What Challenge Level to take
5: What Learning Goals to set for themselves
6: Which Home Learning opportunity to take
7: What role within the Learning Set or activity to take and/or develop
(CGL Role Cards)

(Learning Set)
UCL Academy
IMYC and UCL Academy

The jigsaw pieces are divided up between the 6 members of the LS. Together they complete the puzzle.

All experiences, 1-5, should provide opportunities for students to learn through the 8 Multiple Intelligences:

The UCL Academy Culture

KH: What makes a culture?
The jigsaw pieces are divided up between the 6 members of the LS. Together they complete the puzzle.
Teacher's role?
K,U,S covered?

In a mixed group of
Plan a CGL learning session
It must be interdisciplinary and
address the following
Big Idea Concept:
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