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french cricket

No description

George Whitcombe

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of french cricket

French Cricket By George Whitcombe •The game requires one batter and any number of fieldsmen. No stumps or pitch are required
•The batsman holds the bat vertically in front of the legs.
•The person with the ball throws it towards the batsman (bowling or throwing)
•If the batsman hits the ball, they are able to move to another position (further away from the ball). If the batsman misses the ball they are not allowed to move position.
•Whoever retrieves the ball becomes the next bowler from the location they retrieve the ball
•The batsman is out when caught or when the ball hits their legs.
•The person who bowls the batsman out, or who catches the batsman out is the next batsman. The Facts The sport may be played with a tennis racket.

There is no limit on the number of fielders.

The batsman can get runs by spinning the bat around him

It is called french cricket to mock English cricket

It is mostly played in the garden or on a picnic I can't find out much on French Cricket. It may be my resurch skills or it may be that there is not much out there. So............... that's what I call cricket Frances national cricket teams coach is
Simon Cook of England.
There captin is Arun Ayyavooraju.
There first recorded match was on the 19
August 1900 against Great Britain in the
Summer Olympics in Paris.
There ICC membership was graunted in 1887.
There are ranked ninth in twenty20 in Europe.
France are ranked 50th in Europe.
Some people belive that France is the birth
place of cricket. The Team:
Arun Ayyavooraju (Captain)
Waseem Bhatti
Zika Ali
Ramiz Ishan
Usman Khan
Thomas Liddiard
Shahid Malik
Robin Murphy
Hugo Pinsent
Abdul Rehman Qureshi
Usman Shahid
Williamdeep Singh
Ramesh Sithambaranathan
Some Random Cricket facts:
There are roughly 27
national teams.
It was in the 1900 Olympics
and Great Britain got Gold.
You play on the Cricket feild.
There are two umpires.
There are 6 balls in an over.
There are two sides of the
feild leg and off.
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