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The CAPA Creed

No description

Steve Kingsbury

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The CAPA Creed

What is CAPA all about? Young Person
and Family... Clinicians... Team... Manager... Commisioner... book their first appointment not "assessed and treated..." but offered Choice and Partnership work where they want to get to -
Goals select the right clinician
with the right
threshold skills Curiosity inlcuding time for Choice and specialist work the choice and partnership
activity will be in diaries for
staff to book families in to Choice appointments can be
offered in clinics with post
clinic discussion at the end of choice they and
the family select a partnership
clincian with the right threshold
skills to meet
the goals each clinician will have
a number of new
Partneships they need to do this is based on some simple maths and a REASONABLE
job plan! each clinician is valued for their
Specialist skills AND their extended
threshold skills this develops a learning culture core partnership
work each clinician will have
their own job plan Admin staff when families ring in - write
their opt in in the Choice diary have nothing to do
with Partnership diary as
clinicians book into it don't have to deal with
a waiting list less time discussing
new referrals team away days (x 4 per year) supportive leadership
group of clinician,
manager and admin clear set of job plans fair distribution of work one team job plan with
capacity can understand if in
balance or not can plan for
staff loss and
changes agreed eligibility criteria user friendly service understands the capacity
of the service peer group discussion of
on-going work you don't have
to go far! Place them at the centre that will continue to
have a focus on their Goals and keeping their Choices in mind Here it is from various viewpoints... and... Choice discussion plus dedicated time for admin sharing our honest
opionion... agreeing together what
is going on discuss different alternatives
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