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Facts About little mix

No description

charlie craddock

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Facts About little mix

little mix
thx for watching my prezi
Facts About little mix
- Little mix won the X Factor on December 11 2011
- My favorite song is change your life
- They are four members in little mix (Jade,Jesy,Perrie and Leigh-Ann)
Perrie Edwards
Perrie was born on July 10th 1993 she is 20 years old. Perrie grew up in South Shields. Her Mum and Dad were singers. Perrie's star sign is Cancer.Her favourite colour is blue like mine. Perrie's nickname is pezz. She has blue eye and her best member of little mix is Leigh-Anne. Zayn Malik and Perrie are married.

Jade Thirlwall
Jade was born on December 26 1992 she is 21 years old.She grew up in South Shields. Jade's nickname is poopey but it was pickle. Her favourite food is lasagne with chips. Her favourite colour is purple and teal. Jade's star sign is Capricorn. Her favourite member of little mix is Jesy. Jade cheated so she is single right now.
Jesy Nelson
Jesy was born on June 14 1991 she is 22 years old. She grew up Essex! Jesy nickname is Jesminda. Her favourite food is nandos. Jesy love all colours in the world. Jesy is my favourite member of little mix. Jesy is single. Her star sign is Gemini. Jesy favourite member is Jade.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Leigh-Anne was born on October 4 1991 she is 22 years old. Her star sign is Libra. Leigh-Anne's nickname is fresh princess. She loves the colour green. Her favourite food is nachos. Leigh-Anne is single.
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