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LENA POKALEVA - designer

No description

Elena Pokaleva

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of LENA POKALEVA - designer

An alphabet cards for children: (hand-made project for my little brother) CD-cover design: My personal art diary: Book with one drawing for every day of my life One month project-
My name is LENA
POKALEVA Studied at the Russian Construction
and Architecture Academy.
Learned graphic and design on my own. At the present moment I'm studying
at Prague School of Graphics.

Book Graphic Department. MY INTERESTS ARE VARIED: BOOKS All kinds of work with books: Illustration
Printing techniques
Publishing Hand-made presents
Music and film
Languages MY PORTFOLIO: Things, that I have accomplished Both of my parents are graphic-designers,
so I guess it runs in the family! I see my life
is as one big ART PROJECT! Some magazin illustrations: (Magazin for children) Personal exhibitions
and art projects: Had five exhibitions: Personal: Projects with my classmate: 2009, club "Zheltaya Kofta", Kazan, Russia

2010, club "Gogol", Moscow, Russia

2010, club "DOM", Moscow, Russia 2012, NAPA art-gallery,
Prague, Czech Republic 2011, Graphic School-gallery,
Prague, Czech Republic Technical Proficiency: (Applications) Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe DreawWeaver Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel You can find more of
my work on my blog: http://verymarch.blogspot.cz/ CONTACT ME: LENA POKALEVA

tel: (+420) 773 960 870
http://verymarch.blogspot.cz/ My colorful life My fafourite work and my school Painting classes in my school Home, sweet home! My friends My family holidays EDUCATION AND INTERESTS: VIDEO PROJECT: COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE: PHOTO: HELLO! Video motion for "Prepinaki" band
And some posters for them:
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