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Coronation I: Diana's Funeral

No description

Sarah Strickberger

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Coronation I: Diana's Funeral

Coronation I: Diana's Funeral
Aristocratic Upbringing
Engaged to Prince Charles in February of 1981
Had two children- Prince William (1982) and Prince Harry (1984)
Princess Diana's Death
Television Broadcast of Funeral
Estimated 2.5 billion TV viewers
Britain (BBC & ITV): 33.2 million viewers
Her wedding only received 28.4 million viewers
By Julia Feygin, Molly Hunt, & Sarah Strickberger
Princess Diana: "The People's Princess
UK Television Broadcasts of Di's Funeral
Onlookers' emotional responses
Interior remarks
Subjective perspective
Attention on "the people"
Personal relation to what was going on
Focused on progress of funeral
"Exterior" comments
Descriptive monitoring of unfolding events
Detached & silent coverage
"Public" - clearly defined & separate entity
Achieved the Same End
Evoke strong sense of social solidarity
Served as a momentary coming-together
Fatal car crash on August 31, 1997
Cardiac arrest, internal bleeding, low blood pressure
US Media Coverage followed suit
Despite differing approaches by broadcasts...
Across the pond
Which broadcast do you prefer?
Do you think this is how American media should have covered Princess Diana's funeral?
A Media Event, yet Global and Iconic
Media Events
Global Iconic Events
Represents something larger
Covered extensively
Remembered ritually
Almost Royal
Interruption of Routine
Happening Live
Reverence and Ceremony

Difficulties organizing the funeral and planning live coverage
4 mile procession brought coffin to Westminster Abbey
Over 1 million people lined route of funeral cortege
Attended by politicians, celebrities, and royalty
not a state funeral, but a national public funeral
Royal pageantry; welsh guards
heads of state, celebrities
processed with royal standard, but buried with Spencer family flag
Fondly Remembered
"The People's Princess"
Condensation and Universalization
Strong supporter of charities
Collapse of marriage
Scandals and mental instability
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, London
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