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Themis Kung

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Castles

Our castle will have a few Mangonels and Trebuchets
-Magonels were a type of catapult made of wood loaded with rocks.
-Trebucets are the same use as a missile launcher launcher
-Works by putting weights on one end and projectiles on the other
-tied by ropes, when cut, the projectiles are launched.
-Castles began to build in England after the Norman Conquest
-nobles, royals and important people in general lived there
-first castles were built with mud and wood = made the castle quite weak, as wood burns easily.
-1100 CE, castles began to be built with stone.
Pheasants did not live in the castles
-go to the castle to seek shelter and safety.
Our castle has:
-A moat surrounding it
-The moat is filled with water
-makes it hard for enemies to enter the castle
-A drawbridge
-lowered to help people cross the moat

magonels & Trebuchets
When were Castles first built?
Angus Chung,

Jeremy Qu,

Romana Choi,

Themis Kung

Yash Asawa
Our Castles are built on high places - mountains
- good view
- harder for unwanted people to get to.

Moat & Drawbridge
Concentric Castle
Parts of a castle: WALLS
Curtain Wall
-surrounding the entire castle
Concentric Wall
-inside of curtain wall
-concentric wall is taller
-built into the curtain wall
-simple door used to go in and out of the castle
-enemies often attack this area
-iron gate was added to block the entrances
-murder holes were added to the celing to pour boiling liquids
Our Castle has Round Towers
-built into the curtain wall for defence.
-round towers and square towers.
-watch out for attackers, shooting attackers
-round towers were more secure than square towers.
Crossbow & longbow men.
Crossbow and longbow men were important for defense, we have multiple men in our castle
-weapon with a heavy arrow placed inside a bow
-wound back and aimed
-easy to use
-shoots 5x better than crossbow
-more expensive

-placed on top of the castle walls and towers
-built with stone
-drop oil, stones, water and other harmful objects

Our Castle
Our castle is a concentric castle:
-surrounded by 2 types of walls
-outer wall = curtain wall
-inner wall = concentric wall
-outer wall is lower than the inner wall
-can see enemy approaching and can defend their base
-easily shoot enemies while they are destroying the outer wall
-made out of a very strong material such as stone.
Thank you for watching!
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