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We Day Essay

No description

Nick Attard

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of We Day Essay

We Day Essay

First off, I have been a good represetive to St.Anne because when there has been a fight or a disagreement, I'm the one to step in and try to stop it. For example, on Friday, when Dominik and Lucas Jhon got into a fight, everyone was watching, but I stepped in and broke it up.
Secondly, I'm a role model for Catholic values because I have been trying to become an alter server for a long time because it would make me feel more connected with God. Also, I always try to do what Jesus would do by not cursing and I pray as much as I can (almost every night because sometimes I do forget).

Also, my family all pay 5 dollars a month to a boy named Sadio in Africa (The last letter he sent us said that he lives in a box). I also brought in 6 dollars in pennies to the penny drive last year and 25 dollars for water for a famrica and much more.

Lastly, going to We day will help my leadership here at St.Anne because all of the people in the video seemed so impacted and extremely well influenced by We day and I want to be positively influenced as well.

These are my reasons why I think I should go to We day and why I hope I can. Sincerely, Nicholas Attard.
Dear Miss Quintel , I believe that I deserve to go to We day and here is why:
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