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Safe Haven Technology Project

McKenna Davis

McKenna Davis

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Safe Haven Technology Project

Safe Haven By: Nicholas Sparks
Report By: McKenna Davis Katie's Past, Exposition, and Rising Actions Climax, Falling Actions, and Resolution Climax Falling Actions Resolution Rising Actions Cont. Exposition Rising Actions Katie's Past Setting Conflict Characters Setting, Characters, and Conflict Safe Haven takes place in Southport, North Carolina and is during present day. The main places where events happened during the story were at Katie's house, Ivan's, Fisher's, and Alex's house. Katie- a 27 year old girl who moves to Southport to escape her abusive and violent husband, Kevin
Kevin- Katie's abusive, alcoholic, and obsessive husband
Alex- a 34 year old man who falls in love with Katie and tries to get past his wife, Carly's, death.
Kristen- Alex's 4 year old daughter
Josh- Alex's 5 year old son
Jo- Katie's friend and neighbor
The Feldmanns- Katie and Kevin's neighbors Katie arrives in a small North Carolina town of Southport where she finally is able to start over. But when she starts to let her guard down and her life seems perfect, things start to fall apart when her abusive husband comes looking for her after she ran away. Katie escaped her abusive husband, Kevin, after four years of a torturous marriage. She secretly stole his money over the years to get away. Katie also stole someone's identity and pretended to be a dead girl named Katie instead of her real name, Erin. He wouldn't let her leave the house or talk to anyone. The only time she was allowed out of the house was when Kevin took her places with him. He was an alcoholic and was very moody. Katie was deathly afraid of him because of his change in mood. One minute he would compliment her haircut and then beat her because she was "selfish" for spending his only day off doing something for her. Katie had no way out. She couldn't call the police, because he was the police and so she ran away. Katie arrives in Southport after her long journey for a new start. She gets a job at a local restaurant called Ivan's and makes enough money to pay rent on an old hunting cabin where she lived isolated from the rest of the town. She meets her neighbor, Jo, and starts to befriend her. She also meets many other locals including Alex and his two children, Josh and Kristen. Katie is very shy and still has her guard up because of her terrifying past. With Jo's encouragement, Katie and Alex begin a relationship and Katie slowly starts to open up to him.
Kristen immediately accepts Katie, while Josh is initially resistant, believing Katie to be his mother's replacement, but eventually accepts her as well.
Katie is invited to the beach with them and they all have a great time.
Meanwhile, Kevin continues to search for Katie using his authority as a police office to help him track her.
Alex finally gets the courage to ask her out and she excepts. At dinner that night, Katie tells Alex about her past and finally comes out of her shell.
She reveals that Kevin has abused her for years and is trying to find her. Alex promises to protect her from her husband no matter what. That night they kiss which establishes their relationship.
Jo confronts Katie and tells her that she needs to make a decision about her future with Alex and the kids before someone gets hurt.
One night Alex, Kristen, and Josh come over for dinner. Alex and Katie talk about their future and something rubs Katie the wrong way and she snaps. Alex and the kids leave instantly without saying goodbye.
Jo and Katie meet for the first time since their talk. Katie tells Jo about what she did and Jo tells her she needs to apologize.
Katie goes over to his house and apologizes for what she said. They make up and get ready for a day at the fair. Kevin finds out where Katie works, lives, and who she is pretending to be. He travels to Southport and continues to search for her while he is drunk, angry, and determined to kill Alex. Katie, Alex, Kristen, and Josh have a fun day at the fair, unaware that Kevin is one step behind them and catching up fast.
They ride their bikes home, but Kevin looses them in a traffic jam and doesn't know where they are.
He searches all over the town until he found a house with four bikes parked outside.
It was late by then and Alex was gone doing a favor for a friend while Katie watched the kids.
She put them to bed and waited for Alex to come home.
Kevin was outside soaking the house in gasoline and finally lit a match to it.
Katie woke up the kids and threw them out the window along with herself.
She saw Kevin standing in front of her and realized what had happened. He came charging toward her with a gun in his hand.
Katie told the kids to run as she tried to fight back. She bites, scratches, and kicks him, but she has no where to run and no where to hide. Will Alex come to rescue her? Will Kevin force Katie to come back? Will anyone be hurt? Is Katie going to have the life she always wanted? Read the book to find out what happens to Katie, Alex, and the kids!!! :)
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