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L.O. 2: Carry Out Mensuration and Calculation

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alvin calora

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of L.O. 2: Carry Out Mensuration and Calculation

For Example...
Recap.. :)
Let us answer some questions if you have already know something ..

Madali lang to Promise! :)
Convert 25 to binary
Quotient Remainder
25/2 12 1
12/2 6 0
6/2 3 0
3/2 1 1
1/2 0 1

25 = 11001
To convert a decimal number to binary, all you have to do is divide the number by 2.
Get the quotient and the remainder.
Bring down the quotient, divide it by 2, and get the quotient and remainder again.
Do it repeatedly until the quotient results to 0.
Copy the remainder from bottom to top, and that is the binary equivalent.
Each group of
eight bits
, such as the representations of letters and numbers, is known as a

Codes can be used to represent almost any type of information digitally: computer
data, graphics, photos, voice, video , and music
Computers use
binary codes
to represent and interpret letters, numbers and special
characters with bits.

A commonly used code is the
American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
Digital Representation
Within a computer, information is represented and stored in a
digital binary format
The term

is an
binary digit
and represents the smallest piece of data.

A bit can have only two possible values,
a one digit (1)
or a
zero digit (0)
A bit can be used to represent the state of something that has two states.
For example, a
light switch
can be either
On or Off
; in binary representation, these states would correspond to 1 and 0, respectively.
With ASCII, each character is represented by a
string of bits.

For example:

Capital letter: A = 0100 0001
Number: 9 = 0000 1001
Special character: # = 0010 0011
25 = 11001

1 1 0 0 1 multiplier
16 8 4 2 1 equivalents
16 8 0 0 1 results

16+8+1 = 25
Let's check
L.O. 2
Carry Out Mensuration and Calculation

a BIT stands for?
8 bits = 1 byte
8 bits is equal to how
many bytes?
A bit can have only two
possible value. And what are those value?
Codes can be used to represent almost any type of information digitally: computer data, graphics, photos, voice, video , and music
True or False
Ready na for the short quiz?

Quiz... :)
The term bit is an abbreviation of?
a. Binary Digit
b. Binary Digital
c. Both Digital
d. Bring Digit
ASCII Stands for?
a. American Standing Code For
Interchange Information
b. American Standard Code For
Information Interchange
c. Americans Standard Coding For
Interchange Information
b. Americans Standards Coding For
Interchanging Information
A bit can have two possible value. What value are those?
a. 3, 4
b. 4, 5
c. 0, 1
d. 1, 2
How many bits are required to have a byte?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8
Convert the decimal value 37 to binary digit.
Show you solution and checking :)
1. Convert the following to binary digit.
a. 19
b. 28
add +
sub -
mul *
div /
Choose your best answer and write it on your big notebook.
2. What is the meaning of KB, MB, GB, and TB?
ICT PC Hardware Servicing Module
But first let us watch a short video..
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