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Kristen's Cookie Company

No description

Guillem Moll Entrena

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Kristen's Cookie Company

1. How long will it take you to fill a rush-order?
We will take a total amount of 26 minutes because is the sum of the during time of all the process.
2. Determine the cooking-producing capacity of your cooking-making business.
The cooking-producing capacity of that process is :
60/10 = 6 dozens/hour
72/60= 1,2 cookies / minute

The cooking producing capacity is determined by the slowest stage of the process. Therefore, it is only possible to produce 6 dozens per hour or which is the same, 1,2 cookies per minute.
3- Use the calculation of question 2 to determine how many orders can you fill in at night, assuming you are open 6 hours each night? Assume each order contains 12 units of cookies.
8 minutes: Wash, Mix, Spoon
8 minutes: Cool, Pack, Collect the money
60min*6h = 360min - 16 min = 344 minutes (5,73h).
5,73*6 = 34,4 dozens
4- Now, let us change the order size. How many cookies can you produce in a night –working 6 hours each– if everyone orders three dozen of cookies at a time?
5- Explain how you would set the price for your cookies. Assume you decide to sell packages of 12 units. Would you offer any discount for clients demanding, let say, 2 or 3 dozens? If so, determine the amount of the discount.
Kristen's Cookie Company
Case study
6- Are there any changes you can make in your production process that will allow you to make better cookies, or more cookies in less time, or at lower costs

Process who has the cycle time more high
We will reduce by half the process cycle time.
We would produce more cookies
We would reduce the cost of production.
Increase production capacity
Reduce our nonproductive time waiting the finishing of other stages.
Price = 3,5€/dozen
Cost = 0,70€/dozen
Work = 6 hours/night
Production = 34 dozens/night.
3,5 x 34 = 119 - (0,70 x 34) = 95,2€
Discount to the clients demanding larger quantities of dozens (2, 3 or more)
We would discount 0,50€ per box starting for the second dozen box.
Jordi Mallol Capella
Joana Manera Cerdà
Guiem Moll Entrena
Diego De Frutos Cabrero
Mateu Coll Pallicer
Carlos Ramón Gallego
46min = 1'27 cookies/min
360 min =
281 cookies
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