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Social Business Letters

No description

Jv Olea

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Business Letters

An astute businessperson will recognize the writing of a letter of congratulations as a fertile chance to build goodwill.
Social Business Letters
Letter of Sympathy
- When an acquaintance experience the death of a loved one, many people opt for commercially printed sympathy cards, but a specially written note is more personal and genuine.
Letter of appreciation
-In business, as in life, it is important to say "Thank you"
-a thank you note may be brief, but it must be prompt.
- like all social busness letters, sound sincere.

it should contatin three key elements;
1. Begin by saying "Thiank you".
2. Make a sincere personal comment.
3. end with a positive and genuine statement( Never say "Thank you again")
Letters of Congratulations

- Every one like to have accomplishments acknowledgment

The occasions for congratulatory messages are numerous:

Promotions, appointments, achievements, awards and marriage.

A letter of congratulation should.
1. Begin with the expression of congratulations.
2. Mention the reason for the congratulations.
3. End with an expression of goodwill ( such as praise or confidence - never say goodluck)
Xarah Manikis
Jay-V Olea
Social Business Letters
The occasion are many:

1. Congratulations.
2. Sympathy
3. Appreciation
4. Announcement.
5. Invitation

-while the tone of social businesss letter will vary with the relationship between the correspondence ,
all such letters must sound sincere.
-They should avoid any hint of a sales pitch.
- social business letters followed by comma instead of a colon.

Invitations can be engraved or printed, or they can be handwritten on note-size stationery.
A general invitation should be cordial or sincere.
A formal invitation should be less personal, written in the third person.


Invitations must do 3 things
Invite the reader to the gathering.
Offer a reason for the gathering.
Give the date, time, and place of the gathering.
A formal invitation should, in additon, include the R.S.V.P. notation.
This abbreviation stands for repondez s’il vous plait or “Please let us know if you plan to attend.”


They may take the form of news releases,
advertisments, or promotional letters.

Formal announcements resembles invitations in both tone and format

Business events such as openings, mergers, and promotions may be subject of both formal and informal announcements.
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