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MTU.EDU: State of the Web 2012

No description

Brandy Tichonoff

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of MTU.EDU: State of the Web 2012

SUCCESSES LEVERAGE TRAFFIC YEAR OF SUCCESSES LEVERAGE TRAFFIC ? MILLION Academic sites in CMS YEAR IN 36 Administrative sites in CMS 4.6 Visitors to the Michigan Tech site in the last year New visits on Michigan Tech's site every minute YEAR IN REVIEW 2010 vs 2012 Visits

Page views

Avg Visit Length

New Visits * 1/1-9/4 2,480,546 2,994,941

5,229,368 9,020,771

2:36 3:33

19.88% 33.95% 20%


37% more people use the site

deeper engagement

improved information

expanding reach HOW DO WE LEVERAGE THIS
BRAND AMBASSADORS? YEAR OF SUCCESSES 2.9 PLAN STUDY HOW? Adopt a centralized web management system, while also developing a voluntary community of practice. LEVERAGE TRAFFIC WHY? Challenges
CMS instability
Extreme variations in quality of maintenance
Lack of authority and control over message LEVERAGE TRAFFIC WHY? Advantages
Save time and money campus-wide
Respond to emerging opportunities
Control over quality and content of message Centralize web management
Develop a community of practice
Expand advertising channels to include segmented audiences in social networks, music streaming, and video streaming
Consider site analytics a resource and strategic part of every marketing decision DO Fine-tune content and keywords based on analytics
Recommend content changes or entirely new initiatives
Electrical and Computer Engineering Online Learning
Identify opportunities to transfer money and resources not fully leveraged with print
Biomedical Engineering Facebook campaign
College Week Live Evaluate and analyze to gain a clear picture of users' paths through the site
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Apply Now
Understand our users' behaviors
Track and report user engagement with other forms of media
Custom URLS, QR Codes, trackable calls to action ? QUESTIONS YEAR OF SUCCESSES 29 COLLEGE WEEK LIVE 11/2010 vs 11/2011 Total Students

Michigan Residents

Non-MI Residents

International * with Facebook Ads 263 634

62 106

184 474

17 54 increased by 142%

increased by 71%

increased by 175%

increased by 217% BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 7/24 - 7/30 Ad Stats

Total Clicks

Medium Interest

Highly Engaged * with Facebook Ads Reach: 401,830 Impression: 12.7

1,856 $0.48

626 $1.40

40 $22
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