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Be Do Have

How do we get what we want? Shift our paradigm from Do-->Have-->Be to Be-->Do-->Have

Chloe Wittry

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Be Do Have

"I have to DO work in order to HAVE money so I can BE wealthy." It is the human default to operate in a manner where we believe that what we DO will generate what we HAVE…all in order to BE something or someone. Where do results come from? Do Be Who you are BEING is in direct correlation with the results you produce The reality is that the context from which we are coming from with this mindset is limited. Who we are BEING in that situation is poor, broke, over-leveraged. Have Be Do Have The problem with the DO-HAVE-BE model is that it is designed to constantly be chasing the BE by being stuck in the DOING How can we create abundance from a place of being poor, broke and over-leveraged? Consider that by being stuck in the doing you have no power Where does power come from? When you are being wealthy, you behave as if having money is not only possible, but probable How you are being affects what you do. Being wealthy sets you up to DO activities that garner wealth By moving through life as wealthy, you will HAVE wealth Suddenly, you’re not in a never-ending pursuit of getting to the endgame, the endgame is already there…. The difference is that you have embraced it. If you've always wanted to attract more wealth, you must BE wealthy Action Why do we do what we do? Emotion - feelings "move" or motivate us to action Where does emotion come from? Thinking If I say "Life sucks" I feel bad

If I say "My life is blessed" I feel good. Why do we think what we think? Paradigms
Belief Systems
Values Where we were born and raised, what our religion is, what we learned from a special teacher, how our first boss or current boss interacts with us, and what our company culture is – all shape our paradigms So... Changing your
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