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Emma Wales

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Internment Camps WW1 Emma Wales Before The Internment Camps in Australia played a very important role in our early history as a nation because they showed how intolerant we as Australians can be, given the right circumstances. It shows that we have come long way to get to the multicultural society we are today. History 9 Grace 2013 Internment is imprisonment or confinement of a large group of people without trial. An internment camp is a large detention center made for prisoners of war. The main Internment camp in Australia was in Holsworthy, at the time at the edge of the city of Sydney.
Was the largest and longest running Internment camp in Australia.
It grew from a small group of tents to a town of huts complete with theaters, cafes, restaurants and even businesses. After People with German backgrounds changed their names
German place names were changed.
German businesses were shut down. Most were either German or Austrian People of enemy nationalities were shunned by society Number of people put in internment camps in Australia during WW1 was 6,000. People lost their jobs and their friends because of this Prisoners charged for crime without trial Were not told their supposed crime Many of these men deserved punishment for committing crimes against Australia Thanks for watching! Truck as may have been used to take prisoners of war to Holsworthy. Breaking rocks at Liverpool Good remedy for boredom The End
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