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Shehab Hamad

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of BOUNCE

Personal Media the me web What Were We Afraid Of Back in 2002? What Was Your First Email Address? When Did You First Put Your Phone # on the Web? When Did You Upload Your First Photo? When Did Your Mum Friend You on Facebook? Web1.0 = Broadcast Search // Mobile Web2.0 = Social Media Web3.0 = Personal Media Personalized / Crowdsourced / Anytime Anyplace / Curated Embrace Bounce Personal Information Management Protocol 8.00am Breaking News Summaries
Marketng News Roundup (for9am class)
Yesteday's Sports Scores
Breaking Business News
London Local News 12.15pm Profile Media Entrepreneur
CBS Professor
Film / Comics
India B School Student
Goldman Sachs News (Interview on Friday)
Audio/Visual Summary from The Economist
Latest Research from Prof Schmitt's (Prep for Afteroon Class)
Pulls songs (Pumping you up for Friday's gig)
Highlights of Friends' Twitter / Facebook Feeds
4pm Foursquare Updates on Friends' Dinner Plans
Updated Wishlists for Friends with Upcoming Holidays
Friends' Most Watched / Liked YouTube Clips Because Big Brother Knows Best Kill The Sacred Cow 7.00pm Latest American Idol
Personalized Sports Reels Highlight
Music and Podcasts (function of friend's listening and upcmoing gigs) PersonalMedia P.I.M.P.
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