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patrick kerkhof

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of russia

Double click anywhere & add an idea russia spetsnaz food history religon

genocide civil war cold war ww2 ww1 population tasa
ivan the terible orthodox chechen leader thinks people rebell agenst him poisons food 7,000,000 died every man in russia has to join army
russia was founded in 1862 russia was fuonded by the slaves tourism the kremlim red square music classical rock pop hip hop foklore that was most of russias music russias cunrencey rubles landscape and climate atlest 70 at the highest teputure in the middle of summer in mach and closer to the begin of spring its about -8 landscape this is a regular russian landscape capital of russia moscow sports and hobbies soccer ice hockey basket ball team hand ball wight lifting gymnastices boxing martial arts rugby skiing skiing is very imprtont in russia and its a sport for fun rugby is a very dangours sport martial arts in a fighting move boxing is also i fighting move with hard gloves gymnastics is a acrobatic sport wight lifting is a strenth competition team hand ball is like scoccer but with hands we all know basket ball hockey is a team sport in cold aeras of the world soccer is a sport were you must kick the ball in to the other teams gaol with no hands allowed
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