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SQA Verification National 4 & 5

No description

Anne Nicoll

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of SQA Verification National 4 & 5

SQA Verification National 4 & 5
You will be notified what subject within your verification group has been selected for moderation
It will only be
one subject
at each verification session - ie

geography from social subjects

biology from science

graphic communication from technologies
Select which outcomes you want to be moderated. It is your choice what and how much.
Select 12 students work (It does not have to be completed units - it can be interim work as - long as assessment judgements have been made)

If you offer National 4 and National 5 levels in the subject you must select

6 at National 4 and 6 at National 5

If you offer National 3, National 4 and National 5 levels in the subject you must select

4 at National 3, 4 at National 4 and 4 at National 5
You should select a wide range of assessment judgements
for example you should select examples of work that show

excellent, clear pass, borderline pass, borderline fail, clear fail

You will be asked

How the assessment was carried out and
Why you have assessed it at this level

It is this that is being verified by the SQA not the pupils work.
Some verification will be carried out with a visit or it will be done centrally
This will depend on your subject and the outcomes being submitted.

There are several different people involved in the verification process

Principal verifier
Team Leader

All of these are teachers who are trained by the SQA to undertake this role.
The evidence you submit must be for the same outcomes/units at any one level but can be different outcomes for different levels


Outcome 2 at National 5 (for all 6 pupils at this level)

Outcome 1 at National 4 (for all 6 pupils at this level)
Team members will be reviewing
two main aspects:

is the approach to assessment valid
are the assessment judgements reliable
Verification Outcomes
‘Accepted’ -
The SQA are happy with your approaches and judgements to assessments,

‘Accepted*’ -
The SQA have made recommendations but your assessment approaches and judgements are inline with accepted standards,

‘Not Accepted’ -
The SQA have identified a significant issue with your assessment approaches and/or judgements - the subject will remain a verification priority for the next round.

more information can be found at www.sqa.org.uk/nqdelivery
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