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Abrar Alghimlas

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Lean On Me is a drama film released on

March 1989. It is based on a true life narration of
New Jersey’s Eastside High School principal. However, there are several variations in the scenes of the movie in comparison to the real story (Smith, 1995).

The title Lean On Me is
an appropriate title.
- Firstly, its relevance is showcased when Principal Clark Joe gives a lecture to the students categorically in the following statement, “If you don't succeed in life, don't blame your backgrounds. Don't blame the establishment. Blame yourselves."
- He advises his students not to rely on excuses and other reason for their failure. He further points out drugs and engagement in criminal activities as other reason known to derail students from their studies, he also advises them to lean on him for attainment of success and achievements.

Media Critique
The Emperor’s Club
Lean on Me.
Lean on Me.
Dangrous Mainds
Dangrous Mainds
The Emperor’s Club
The purpose of the school:
Nature of human beings:
This film presents a private school for boys only, where students are the sons of rich men, also it contains students from different nationalities such as from India. Although there is a diversity of races, there are no ethnic tensions. The school has equity in terms of physical resources.
Students in this film receive knowledge by reading historical books and listening to the Classics teacher. Knowledge here contains the facts of the past. Students discover facts by reading the books and they separate facts from fiction through practice.
The teacher’s style of education is to inculcate the moral character of the students, he also uses the method of memorization and conservation to teach students. The classroom contains some students who respond positively to this technique and others who respond negatively. In this film, I did not see any kind of disciplinary methods for students.
In this film, there are some comments:
1- The teacher embarrasses the student Bell in the front of the class.
2- There was no justice of education in the classroom because the teacher focuses on changing one student and neglects the rest of the students. Therefore, they do not take their right to education, and at the same time the teacher cannot succeed in reforming the student Bell.

Moral virtue, Machiavellian ethics.
Is to produce leaders of noble moral character.

1- The Emperor’s Club.

2-Lean on Me.

3- Dangerous Minds.

Abrar Alghimlas
Asma Alshaya
Dema Alskaer‏

The film shows societal problems and
challenges that students face in their day to day activities.
The primary purpose of schooling is
the teacher in the movie takes it upon themselves to responsibly cause a change in attitudes and behaviors of their students. Also, the purpose of schooling is to provide opportunities for a successful future of students, building self-respect and respect for others and the community, and creating a sense of pride and community both inside and outside of school.
Nature of human beings:

- 90% African American students and teachers
- 10% white students and teachers.
- Adult teachers (old, educated) acting good, moral, and support equality.
- Students (young, not yet educated) racial tension, black/ white, and violence between students (at the beginning of the film it shows only males fighting with males and females abusing other females).
Denotation= city.
- Connotation= poverty, people of color, less education, and hostility.
•social class: is not really a focus in this film
Underprivileged ="low class".

Joe Clark commences by making radical changes in the staff constitution. In a measure to curb drug use and abuse, he selectively identifies students with the habit and eventually sends them home.
Passive learning
-The movie gradually demonstrates the dictatorial nature of the principal. On arrival, Clark declared that his word would automatically be law. This attribute was important again in transforming the school. It goes to show that at times democracy is not always the solution to a better society. The principal is also stern and focused.

The main character in the movie is
Mr. Joe Louis Clark who seems to be the most problematic. He is depicted as taking pride in his work and shows confidence from the start. The movie demonstrates a sense of arrogance by Principal Clark and is not apologetic for his radical actions. However, this is line with the situations he faces at hand since the constant threats, objections and challenges would have proved insurmountable.
Themes Captured in the Movie:
The continuation of this vice is largely attributed to negligence of the parents, teachers and the legislature.
Tough Love
Sometimes sweet puppy love is not always the solution. Principal Clark did all he did out of love for the students.
Initiative and responsibility

The film presents an introduction of the need for students to reliably rely on education in order to influence their lives in the future. In fact, the principal told the students that they could not blame anyone for their lives but them.
Clark was able to transform the High school into a high level performing institution. This is despite rebellion and revolution from not only teachers and pupils but also parents.
-Test ( Basic skills teat in quality of education)
-Goals achieved
Students pass the test.
They love reading
They have different skills

Purpose of Schooling
1-primary purpose of schooling
3-Nature of human beings
Nature of human beings
2-Gender represented
3-Social class represented (poverty, privilege, social and economic factors)
4-The most problematic character
•Knowledge represented


•The practice of teaching/learning represented
• Students active or passive
• Classroom practice and pedagogy
• The truths which are learned in the classroom
•Classroom management or disciplinary measures (desirable or undesirable)

1-Imagine you are a teacher for this class what will you do ?
2-give up or not, if not give us some solutions in one sentence
•Sorts of students which appear in the different curricula


In this film, the school presented only one curriculum, which is Greek and Roman history, and contest - a trivia game of the Roman world
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