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Social Reconstructivism

No description

Melvin Taylor

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Reconstructivism

Social Reconstructivism by
Michael Gawdzick, Linsay Riddle, Courtney Smith, Adam Schrader, Matthew Stout, Janet Benedict,
and Melvin Taylor Definition and History Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution School Food What would you do to solve this Crisis? An educational approach which emphazisizes a problem solving approach to achieve social justice
Created by George Counts Teachers must encourage critical thinking, build cirriculum around social problems, and be a resource to the students Students are expected to think critically and solve problems
write grants
read political pamphlets and literature Social Studies Math Community Involvement English Study previous problems in the food industry and how they were solve (Founding of the FDA by Theodore Roosevelt) Find the best solutions on how to spend funds
Locate global maximums on how to optimize crop yields Plant a garden to allow students to learn how to
grow their own nutrious foods and sell them at a
local farmers market in the community
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