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LONG: Lang Lang- Journey of a Thousand Miles

English - Reading and Presenting an Autobiography/Biography

Lisa Hua

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of LONG: Lang Lang- Journey of a Thousand Miles

Half a Childhood
Gary Graffman
Curtis Institute of Music
Farewells China
Auditions for Maetro Eschenbach
Substitutes for Andre Watts, replaces with Goldberg Variations
China and Beyond
Fourth International Competition for Young Pianists in Germany- Won
International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians- Japan- Won
Performs for President Jiang Zemin of China
Goes to America
Life Lessons
Don't give up, and strive single-mindedly (?) towards your goal.

Criticism will always be there. ‘What else do they have to do? Criticism is their raison d’etre.'
Half a Childhood
Moved to Beijing
Professor Angry
Suicide Threat
Professor Zhao
Beijing Music Conservatory
Xing Hai National Piano Competition- Wins
Goes back to China with the Philadelphia Orchestra
Debut Recital at Carneige Hall in November 2006.
- Played with Father.
Parents were musicians before the cultural revolution.
Father played the erhu
Professor Zhu Ya-Fen
Shenyang Piano Competition- Won
Half a Childhood
Goldberg Variations (3)
Recording of Two horses
UNICEF Ambassador
And now...
Beyond Music: UNICEF Ambassador
Theme from Goldberg Variations
Lang Lang- Journey of a Thousand Miles

Tom and Jerry- 'The Cat Concerto'

Interesting Facts
Lang Lang's Journey+ Achievements
Tagxedo and Wordle
Behold the piano!!!
Personality and Appearance
Shy, socially awkward
Nice, Respectful

‘When I played the piano, I was happy, my father was satisfied, and I felt my mother’s presence nearby. When I wasn’t playing piano, I felt that everything was lost.’
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