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Opening Message US Student Body

No description

garth wyncoll

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Opening Message US Student Body

Brent Subic 10-11 razorback(s) IB first batch Safety:
- physical
- emotional Be Responsible
you - did you do your best today?

others - did you fulfill your commitments to others today?

world - did you make the world a better place today? Pride
your appearance
your school
your effort
your name
your work decisions & consequences
rubric - even playing field
3 strike rule
first - warning (apology) parents notified
2nd- record + apology + parents
third - ouch!

dress code/assembly behavior - minor

academic honesty
respect for property/ unsafe behavior
substance abuse - major

detention = Friday pm : H1 3:00-4:00pm
suspension - in-school/out academic honesty
assistance on HW
quiz, test
presenting other's ideas as your own...
what does your name mean? computer policy
Brent email addresses 6-12
everyone makes mistakes
did you learn from your mistake?
were you honest speak English new faculty members:
Mr. Chandler
Mr. Cosca
Mr. Flores
Mr. Higgins
Mrs. Thompson
Dr. Van Slyke how is this year going to be for you? elective decisions:
follow an interest -
market yourself
August 9 - 8am
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