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The Teeth

No description

Sundus Ahmed

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The Teeth

What is Tooth Decay?
happens when bacteria destroys the tooth
symptoms include pain and trouble with eating
to prevent brush 2x a day and floss 1x a day

It is a small whitish structure
in the mouth
used to break down food
roots of the teeth are covered by gums
they are not made of bone
they are made out of multiple tissues varying density and hardness.

Where The Teeth Are Located?
What is it?
Did you know.....
The enamel on the top surface of the tooth is the hardest part of the body.

Teeth form before you are born.
Your set of teeth are as unique as your fingerprint.
An average person brushes his teeth 38.5 days in a lifetime.
About the Teeth
The Teeth
By: Sundus.A and Jasleen.K
An example of a decayed tooth
Quiz Time!
Teeth are located in your mouth

What is a Root, Neck and Crown?
Teeth that are in the mouth
⅓ of your tooth is under your gums so that means only ⅔ of your tooth is visible.
Believe it or not, all these facts are 100% true!
Above the blue line of the tooth is the enamel.
Hope you know more about the Teeth! Thanks for watching!
root - the part that the tooth sits in
neck - between the root and the crown
crown - the part above the gum
How To Keep Your Teeth Clean?
brush your teeth
eat healthy food
floss every day
The Five Types of Teeth
The root, neck, crown
Science Worksheets
123 Dentist.com
Google Images
Parts of the Tooth
Enamel: Helps protect your teeth from chewing, chrunching and biting etc.
Dentin: Chooses the tooth's Color and it makes up most of the tooth.
Pulp: Contains blood vessels and it detects hot, cold and pain; and it send a signal to the brain.
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