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No description

Veronica Quinones

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Savvy

Savvy By: Veronica Quiñones Table of Content 1. Characters
2. Setting
3. Main Plot
4. Conflict
5. Theme
6. My Favorite Character
7. My Favorite Part Characters The characters in this story are Grandpa Bomba,
Poppa, Momma, Miss Rosemary, Lester, Lill,
Rocket, Roberta (Bobbi), Fish, Will Junior,
Mississippi (Mibs), Samson, and Gypsy. Setting The main setting in this story
is on the pink Heartland Bible
Supply bus. Main Plot The main plot of this story is Mibs getting
her savvy on her 13th birthday and Lester,
Lill, Bobbi, Will, Mibs, and Samson getting
to the hospital to see Poppa. Conflict The conflict in this story is Mibs
fighting against her savvy to get to her poppa (man vs. self) My Favorite Character My favorite character is Mibs because I
can relate to her, she never gives up, and she is the same age as me. (For most of the story) My Favorite Part My favorite part is when Mibs discovers
her savvy because now she can use her
savvy as a way to try to help her poppa. Pictures Savvy Book Cover Fish's storm clouds Poppa's mermaid tattoo Bobbi's angel tattoo Theme The theme of this story is never give up
even if something is trying to hold you
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