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20121111 חדשנות מדעית וטכנולוגית

Re-engaging Israel's Engines of innovation

shay maoz

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of 20121111 חדשנות מדעית וטכנולוגית

Israeli Singularity University technological literacy Technological statecrafters Assigning new visions Reconnecting global and local Informal cross-systemic vision Immense investment in R&D The accidental meets creative planning Scurity R&D Spillover GOV. policy: Natural Cluster back to the great leapfrog: Israel's unique model: The Start-Up Nation is Self-Sustainable Innovation is based on
“Natural” cultural resource Jewish Genius +
Israeli "Huzpa"= Sustainability Neutral activism The necessity: to duplicate rather then re-examine if it's Ain't broken -
Don't try and fix it R&D: Let the Market Lead Exit driven market many start ups,
not so many big companies the self-perception
of the Gov from initiating "Tnufa" "Yozma" to responding Adopting the ROI logic: turning the Gov. to just another the VC fund Forfeiting the added value of the gov. asset Subordinating policy to the
quantitative measures Losing the ability to support
what is not measurable a leading israeli asset in the global market Long-time global advantage Rare access to major markets Developed private sector Can such advantage be lost? Becoming Just another country lONG-TERM stamina? NATIONAL LABS BIG
FUNDING PRIVATIZATION EXIT STRATEGY MNCs long tail str. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? “The start-up nation”
Israel as global brand Unique 1st Gen.
R&D model unkowns 20th century vision: The trip to the moon knowns known spillover End of 20th century vision: Silicon Valey knowns uknowns spillover 21st century: a vision for Synergetic leaps knowns Wanted unkowns cluster Growth Engine solutions for local problems early developers A matter of National security We could become just another country Gov. visible hand Govmnt as faciltator and enabler Towards a new vision The governmental mindset: Visionaries with know-how serial entrepreneurs israeli leaders of MNCs An unprecedented global challenge to the Israeli model Incremental 'puzzle-solving' Foxes inside the system Away from other societal & global needs Human resource Limited R&D space ICT focus Narrow & Homogeneous Elite Industrial focus knowledge first, innovation (much) later Israeli technological serving elite Narrow innovation Inability to utilize Israel's diversity in a time when it is most relevant Technological statecrafters TLM forum model? from a start up nation to a sustainable innovation pre-seed technology advanced sensoring assigning tech context why Technological Innovation? From a start-up nation
to sustainable innovation
policy Natural
conditions Human variety Security challenges Lack of natural resources Size advantage short history of
ISRAELI TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION 2005' 1948 Technology as a natural
solution to necessity HR - Aliya and
tech education Spillover and talent
from IDF and defense industry Government Traditional fields (ICT)
software and hardware The Business sector
structure and mindset Is the Start Up Nation
model sustainable? the world - imitating the israeli model Necessity Diversity knowledge Innovation generators From internal needs to export orientation Erosion in Governmental R&D expenditure utilizing Israel's
Engines of innovation How to mobilize cross systemic effort? WHO will lead the new vision? open source E-learning life long Learning & Innovating Utilizing Change in the nature of innovation innovation knowledge Israel Business sector High-tech sector High-Tech employees percent from over all employees in the business sector in Israel Homogeneous Elite Technology as a
natural resource Early stages The Start Up Nation Foreign capital and
investment Human diversity Security challenges Lack of natural resources Natural cluster -advantage
of (small) size 75% of r&d workers are men leaning on VC funding Open source network
of communal technological spaces Investing less on long
term generic R&D * CSO 2011 annual report * CSO 2011 annual report Russian Venture Company
attract vc funds based on
YOZMA program logic cross systemic effort knowledge and leadership necessity China spent in 2011 139.7 billion dollars in R&D, 1.83% of it's GDP
21% growth According statistical bureau of China, China produces 644,00 engineering degree holders per year. 2012' 2025' Diversity convergence 21st century: a vision for synergystic leaps knowns Wanted unkowns Bussines visible hand Govmnt "pushing hand" paradigm shift: who's in charge of the vision? 1985' Will Israel be able to stay ahead of the global curve of innovation ? *Source: WIPO Statistics Database, december 2011 , and OECD stats database from initiating "Tnufa" "Yozma" knowledge and leadership necessity Diversity Entrepreneurship convergence innovation generators Expanding technological literacy Singularity University Expanding technological literacy Technological statecrafters Assigning new visions re-connecting the local and the global Regulation incentives
and a network of
cummunal technological spaces open source Regulation incentives
and Reconnecting local and global Engines of
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