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Catharina (Ina) Soep

No description

brynna f

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Catharina (Ina) Soep

Honoring Catharina (Ina) Soep Ina Soep was born on January 3,1923 in Amsterdam. Her parents were Tonie and Abraham Soep and she had a brother (Benjamin (Benno) Soep) and a sister (Jossete Soep). http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/stealapencilforme/film.htmlIna was sent to Bergen-Belsen on May 18, 1944, she was given a note in May 1944 explaining that she would leave soon. Ina wanted to go into hiding even before the note but her parents wouldn't let her because if they did, they wouldn't be together as a family. She was brought to the Stern Lager with families of other diamond workers for the Germans planned to establish their own diamond industry. In Bergen-Belsen, they allowed the prisoners to wear their own clothes. Also her and her sister didn't work as much, for the Germans wanted to preserve their hands when they established the industry. One thing that Ina says was "We were not living our lives; we had to do everything they told us to do." When they arrived, Ina was told that her friends and other people she knew were taken to Auschwitz and murdered in gas chambers. Ina says "I thought, I truly thought that this was just something they had been told to say just to make us feel worse." Ina's Holocaust Story Ina's Holocaust Story (cont.) While they were in the camp Ina And Jack continued their courtship, Jack was assigned kitchen duty where he was able to smuggle extra food while one of the things that Ina did was making the beds, Jack left food for her and they exchanged notes on Jacks bed when Ina made it. Soon after, when the Germans realized that they didn't have the raw materials to make a diamond industry, they started deporting the prisoners to other camps. Ina and her family were one of the two families to be left at Bergen-Belsen. Soon after, though, the Soeps were deported to a smaller compound in Bergen-Belsen that was also known as the "Exchange Camp". Ina and Jack couldn't see each other any more, but they still sent letters to each other by courier. Ina's Evacuation Before Ina left, Jack and her exchanged notes once again so that they were left with the notes that they had written. Ina and Jossete were evacuated from the camp on April 7, 1945 on a train with 2,400 other prisoners. Jack
says that they helped
each other through the
torture, "We had
something to live for,
that if we lived, we
would have a fantastic
life together, gave us hope." Ina's Honoring I am honoring Ina for her bravery and ability to endure what she did throughout the suffering and torture that she forced to go through. She was brave even to think about going into hiding. And also exchanging notes with Jack and stay with him no matter if she got caught. She is an amazing person for being able to survive the Holocaust and to publish a book about her and Jack when she got out. Sources... http://www.jvhri.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=259:-steal-a-pencil-for-me-screened-at-jccri&catid=67:arts-and-culture&Itemid=90 http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/stealapencilforme/film.html http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/new_york/saved_salvadorans http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=1170750&search=&index=13 http://www.pass.to/tgmegillah/printnathan.asp?id=14
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