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African American Artist

No description

oneisha florestal

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of African American Artist

African American Artist
By: Oneisha Florestal
Period: 6

Kelly Rowland's musical accomplishments include her five studio albums. Becoming a judge on both The X Factor UK, and The X Factor. Kelly has headlined for 3 of her own tours and has been supporting in 3 different tours. As well as winning 2 Grammy's for her music
Some awards that Kelly Rowland won was the Soul Train Award for song of the year, Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Grammy Award for Best R&B Song, Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Song, Glamour Award for TV Personality, and finally Soul Train Music Award for Best Independent R&B/Soul Performance.
Two song that are most popular by trey are "NaNa" and "Heart Attack". "NaNa" is the song that you will hear at most clubs and parties and is the main club song right now. "Heart Attack" is a ballad and the plot of the song is wanting to let go but it hurts to much to do so.
Some musical accomplishments Trey has done are his 6 albums with his latest album "TRIGGA" becoming the #1 album in the country, and also #1 on Billboard 200. Trey has also done 4 main tours and was on opening act for 3 others.
Trey is a singer/songwriter as well as a child activist's and established his own personal charity. Tremaine Aldon Neverson was born in Petersburg Virgina on November 28, 1984 (30 yrs old). Trey's mother remarried when he was at the age of seven to a military officer. Trey spent most of his childhood relocating, it wasn't until he was 14 that he came back to Petersburg and found his true calling in the art of music. Trey entered various talent shows with his angelic voice and claimed his rewards. At age 15 he was discovered and mentored by Troy Taylor. Troy wanted to hone trey's skills, he explained that he would wait until he graduated high school before he began teaching him everything about the music industry. When Trey graduated he moved to New Jersey with Troy to begin training. A year later he was signed by Atlantic Records.
Some awards that Trey has won a BET award for Best Male R&B Artist, a Much Music Video award for his music video "Successful" and 2 Soul Train Awards for Best R&B/Soul Male Artist. But he has been nominated for 40 awards including 2 Grammy's.
The reason I admire trey is because he is a humble person you never hear of him in the media and he never really causes trouble. He is also a kind person and cares for anyone that is around him. Trey isn't very egotistical and he has acted the same since he came out with his first album. He also carries himself well not like most people in the music industry.
Kelendira Trene Rowland was born on February 11, 1981 (34 years). Kelly was born in Atlanta Georgia and moved to Houston Texas when she was eight years old. When she was in Houston she was placed in a girl's singing group called Girl's Tyme along with Beyonce and LaTavia. Beyonce's father managed the group and created a boot camp to train them. Kelly moved in with the knowles and also attended Lamar high school in Houston. Her son titan was born november 4th, 2014
Two songs that have made kelly rowland famous are "Motivation" and "Dirty Laundry". The song "Motivation" got her the world wide recognition she deserved. The song "Dirty Laundry" was made to express her feelings while she was living in jealousy of her long time friend beyonce as well as being physically and emotionally abused by her boyfriend.
I admire Kelly Rowland because she is a hard worker and she never gave up. even though she wasn't as popular as Beyonce she still strived to be as best as she knew she was. I also like Kelly because she carries herself with grace, poise, and will aways address the public and media in the most classy of ways.
Heart attack
Dirty Laundry
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