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Mother Teresa

No description

Issabella Richardson

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

FAMILY MEMBERS Mother Teresa Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa)
was a very important women ho had dedicated her life to the sick, helpless and needy people and her most important contribution was helping kids in need in the city of Calcutta. INTRODUCTION GOOD BYE Mother Teresa did not work to support her family. When she was young she use to licke missionary life, but she
never tought that she was going to be a nun.
She haven't had a good relationship with her family a lot because when she was 28, she didn't see her family because she went to Dublin, Ireland to help sick people, but steel ,before, she had a good relationship with her family, her mother has taken care of her. When Mother Teresa was young, his brother always said that they use to
have 2 houses and her father was a contractor. When Mother Teresa was 7,her father was supposedly murdered due to
poisoning because he was involved in politics. Mother Teresa was born in August 27, 1910 in Skopje,Macedonia an died on Calcutta, India in 1997. Mother Teresa´mom Mother Teresa little Mother Teresa´s dad Mother Teresa family Mother Teresa sister and brother The End Hello That was cool ! Awesome! GREAT! VIVA Mother Teresa! CHILDHOOD Mother Teresa became a nun in 1931. She became a nun by devoted
her self since she was 18 to religion. Mother Teresa was always her self, love each other was her most important thing and help ones who needs it, so the love and help to people made her a rol model to everyone. I think that beyond the 165 missionary's of charity that she founded, the love that she always shows to people, was her biggest legacy. Of course her big mission in life was charities to the people who needs it. Her beautiful action is the love that she to others and the missionary of charity and she won the novel peace price. CONTRIBUTIONS She made grate contributions in the social part of society by helping the people who needs it, specially in Calcutta. HER LIFE BY: Issabella Richardson Map´s This is the map of the house of Mother Teresa in Calcutta where she went to help people and where she died.
Map of Calcutta Map of Skopje,Macedonia This was the place were Mother
Teresa was born and go away
when she was 28 to go to Calcutta. The house of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India. The house of Mother Teresa in Skopje, Macedonia. Viva Mother Teresa!
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