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Centre of excellence

No description

Kymberley Morin

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Centre of excellence

Our mandate is...

to support School Boards and Schools

to provide professional development

to research and develop tools and activities

to contribute to the development of
Provincial expertise

Present materials, programs (MELS), specific topics;
Quarterly Newsletter;
Work with community partners;
Create networks;
Support school boards & schools in implementation of programs;
Present at QPAT;
Answer calls & emails
How we provide Professional Development
Biennial symposiums;

Biennial workshops;



Resource materials
(Tub of Tools)
Research and tools
Promote self-determination;

Transition Planning Tools - TÉVA;

Member of several committees
(CAPS, Self-Determination, AAC, TÉVA, SNNAP, IES, )
How we contribute to Provincial Expertise
Contribute at the Provincial level by attending all meetings;

Participate in development of programs and tools;

Follow up on different programs.

Centre of Excellence for the
Physically, Intellectually, and Multi-Challenged
One of the 6 Centres of the Inclusive Education Services (IES).

A Provincial service funded and mandated by the MELS.

Offers support and expertise to the English sector for the organization of programs and adapted teaching to students with special learning needs in an inclusive setting.

Our Centre services students who are physically, intellectually and multi-challenged in a school setting.
How we support
School Boards & Schools
Personnes-ressources régionales
RTI - Response to Intervention
AAC- Augmentative Alternative Communication
Thank you
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