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cost controls

david Valone

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of POS SYSTEMS

Known for crashing and viruses
System may be complex Inventory convenience SofTouch MICROS POS Lavu SoftTouch POS SoftTouch may be ordered as software upgrades for already existing equipment.
-User-friendly (quick training)
-Supports delivery/take-out orders
-Offers a variety of devices to assist with tasks within a restaurant
SoftPay POS Lavu MICROS DISADVANTAGES -Potentially lowers labor cost while increasing productivity Disadvantages -MICROS systems offer many POS varieties
-MICROS systems have a state of the art touch screen known as the Resistive touch screen system
-Offers 24/7 maintenance and management training
-Finances POS leasing SoftTouch systems become significantly more expensive with the more add-on devices you include The more equipment and software the establishment adopts, the more training is required (temporarily increasing labor cost) Some add-on products are large, taking up significant space.
May be unsightly and distracting for an upscale establishment This system utilizes the technologies of Apple products such as the iPad or iPod Touch
Servers take orders using the iPod touch which gets sent directly to the kitchen
The entire system works wirelessly through an internet connection Advantages Disadvantages MICROS POS Helps provide prompt service by sending orders directly from the table
Supplies menu and allergy information
Can be used as a time card system
Keeps track of inventory levels
Modern and sleek appearance
Offers three different product levels in order to accommodate various size restaurants The program is fairly expensive to start up and maintain.

Depending on the size of the restaurant, the start up fee ranges from $895 to $3495 and the monthly fee ranges from $29.95 to $99.95.

All of the iPods and iPads need to be purchased separately and are not included in the initial start up fee.

This equipment will need to be updated with the rapid development of technology.

Similar to the other systems, there may be a need for increased training in order to get employees used to this new type of system. Since our establishment is a medium sized bar/restaurant, we thought POS Lavu would be the best fit.
Its the most affordable option, compared to its competitors.
Many people are already familiar with iPod/iPhone systems, therefore employee training can potentially be significantly less.
All three of their levels offer the same features, the only difference is the size of restaurant it can accommodate Our Top Choice ... Happy Holidays! Works Cited

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