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OMG 2014 Membrain Presentation

Make your sales strategy stick with Membrain (Pipeline Management & Sales Coaching Platform)

Royden James

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of OMG 2014 Membrain Presentation

and assess the ongoing health of each opportunity with the navigational help of progress bars, warning flags, and pop-ups of your own coaching advice.
Anticipate Obstacles
with Membrain’s intuitive tools designed to expertly facilitate your strategy and adapt to your client’s specific needs.
Empower your sales process
As a Referral Partner, you recognize Membrain’s capabilities and the value they bring to your client sales teams.

Using this knowledge, you're able to identify customers whose needs harmonize with Membrain’s strengths.
Membrain gives you the tools to
map visualize analyze coach
your strategy
so that you can give your clients sales teams the road map to success.
What could I gain from this?
Haven't I seen this before?
with an approachable platform that provides your clients with the right information at the right time.
So you are good at what you
do, but what
your work
How much of what you
initiate will
get put
into action and hit the target?
$5 Billion per year is spent on sales training.
87% forgotten within a month
A smart sales strategy and
an impeccable training
isn't enough!
Effective implementation
absolutely essential for
"If you want to teach
people a new way of
thinking, don't bother trying
to teach them. Instead, give
them a
, the use of
which will lead to new ways
of thinking."
The tools we employ in sales
today were not built to manage
healthy sales pipeline
navigate complex B2B sales
Hindsight is an exact science.
To achieve this, you need a
vehicle which makes

A vehicle which
your clients on the
road to success,
even when
you are not there.
A system that adapts to
A system that increases
time efficiency.
A system that can
service offering.
And a system that keeps
the sales team
on track.
What makes Membrain better?
so how does this work?
Implement Methodology
Reinforce Behavior
Analyze & Coach
Create Stickiness
Build Passive Income
Why do it this way?
We’re constantly on the lookout for
people to collaborate and partner with.
How you integrate is up to you.
Our partner program features
three tiers
, each designed to adapt to
your chosen level of collaboration with Membrain
, and equipped with a variety of advantages to suit your individual business and customer service needs.
Make your strategy stick
Let's take a journey.
A presentation by Membrain
The bigger picture
Tactical partnership activates a wider range of possibilities when it comes to the benefits you gain from collaboration with Membrain.

Access to extra support, resources, and tools empower your sales process and allow you to further expand your offerings to customers.
As a Strategic Partner, you resonate with the Membrain way, and seek full integration with your operations. This level of partnership offers the ultimate in win-win benefits, with prioritized access to Membrain’s entire range of support resources and tools.

You even receive the training and licensing you need to deepen your expertise and ultimately pilot Membrain independently, thus increasing your customer offering and revenue capabilities.
What about
complex b2b sales?
Marketing, finance and other departments have specialized tools that really help them succeed,
why not complex b2b sales?
In other words it helps you do what you do, but better.
Where exactly does Membrain add value?
Put your content into context
Indicate specific targets, phases, and mandatory steps; and the entire sales team receives immediate access to the road map for success.
Customize your milestones.
with analysis-based alerts, which help implement and sustain successful sales behaviors, guiding your clients through every step along the sales journey.
Keep the team on track
with the easy click of a button; dispersing your specific recommendations to the team, and seamlessly integrating your strategy into day-to-day operations.
Automate your expertise
entry required, and a user-friendly platform that helps even new additions to the team get up to speed in a snap.
Save time with less data
using Membrain’s Active Pipeline™ technology, which provides you and your clients with a comprehensive overview of the entire sales process, helping you to quick identify ideal prospects, and prioritize your sales efforts.
Gain the whole perspective
using quick filters which make views of specific teams and individual sales representatives readily available.
See how team is doing
Continuously collecting and analyzing data, Membrain automatically supplies feedback based on actual progress and opportunity health.
Generate accurate assessments and forecasts.
Membrain’s out of the box analytics capture and present the most vital trends in your client’s sales efforts, enabling you to quickly recommend corrective actions, and gain additional insight into which opportunities to pursue.
Keep the team moving towards their targets.
with insightful feedback that allows you to accurately reflect upon the effectiveness of your sales process, and refine your strategy accordingly.
Strategically perfect your competitive advantage
1 2 3
Makes sense...
The key is to constantly improve.
Implement Methodology
Reinforce Behavior
Analyze & Coach
Create Stickiness
Build Passive Income
SalesStar is a team of experienced sales people who are passionate about the profession of selling and raising the performance and results of sales organisations.
Sales Development Specialist
Jason Dinan
Membrain Partner
Partner up!
Reference Client
EROAD is a fully integrated technology, road charging and services company.
Thank you
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