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10 Art Movements

Audrey Flores

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of ART HISTORY

THE EVOLUTION OF ART EXPRESSIONISM: 1905 - 1925 small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, empasizing the depiction of LIGHT. art of the outside world, realistic scenes, capturing moments in daily lives. Modernity, as their subject matter, replaced mythology and biblical scenes Expressing perceptions of nature, rather than creating exact representations. Pierre-Auguste Renoir; "Bal du moulin de la Galette"(1876, Paris) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: IMPRESSIONISTS Claude Monet
Edgar Degas
Pierre-August Renoir
Camille Pissarro
Berthe Morisot
Mary Cassatt
Alfred Sisley
Gustave Caillebotte
Armand Guillaumin DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: Christopher Scholes invents the first modern Typewriter in 1867.
J P Knight invents traffic lights in 1868.
Eadweard Muybridge invents the first moving pictures in 1877.
American Anti-Slavery Society (AASS) (1833–1870) was formed in America audrey flores
ceramics 2b use of intense color, agitated brushstrokes, and disjointed space
strongly impose the artist’s own sensibility to the world’s representation
distorting reality for an emotional effect
spread to many art forms including painting, literature, film, architecture, and music The Scream by Edvard Munch inspired the twentieth century Expressionist artists Edvard Munch; The Scream, (1893) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: EXPRESSIONISTS Max Beckmann
Otto Dix
Lionel Feininger
George Grosz
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
August Macke
Emil Nolde
Max Pechstein DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1905: Albert Einstein published the Theory of Relativity and made famous the equation, E = mc2.
1906: William Kellogg invented Cornflakes.
1914 - World War I begins in Europe
1917- U.S. enters World War I first style of abstract art, created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque
emphasized two-dimensionality (geometricity)
rejected the use of traditional techniques
developed new techniques such as faceting, "passage" and multiple perspective Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Pablo Picasso,1907 ARTISTS OF THIS TIME:
CUBISTS Georges Braque
Pablo Picasso
Jean Metzinger
Albert Gleizes
Robert Delaunay
Henri Le Fauconnier
Fernand Léeger
Juan Gris DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1909: Robert Peary Becomes the First to Reach the North Pole
1911: Mona Lisa stolen
1912: The Titanic sinks
1913: Personal Income Tax introduce in U.S. aimed to represent ALL of reality - not just rational thought
founded by French writer and poet Andre Breton
aimed to free people from false rationality and restrictive customs
developed art technique called automatism, creative force of unconscious art Salvador Dalií, The Persistence of Memory (1931) ARTISTS AT THIS TIME:
René Crevel
Robert Desnos
Jacques Baron
Pierre Naville
Roger Vitrac
Max Ernst
Salvador Dalií DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1920 - Women granted the right to vote in U.S.
1921 - Lie Detector Invented
1922 - Insulin discovered
1928 - Bubble Gum invented emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation
new technique of dripping paint onto a canvas laid on the floor
use of huge canvases
attempt to transfer pure emotion directly onto the canvas Jackson Pollock, No. 5 (1948) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Jackson Pollock
Willem de Kooning
Franz Kline
Lee Krasner
Robert Motherwell
William Baziotes
Mark Rothko
Barnett Newman DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1941: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
1945: Microwave Oven invented
1945: U.S. drops bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1947: Polaroid Cameras invented imagery from popular culture such as advertising and news
employs images of popular as opposed to elitist culture in art
emphasizes "Kitsch", a style in art and design using cultural icons
Flat imagery influenced by comic books and newspaper photographs Richard Hamilton, "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?" (1956) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Roy Lichtenstein
Andy Warhol
Robert Indiana
George Brecht
Richard Hamilton
Edouardo Paolozzi
Peter Blake DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: POP ART: 1950 - 1960(Britain, U.S.1951: Color T.V. introduced
1953: DNA discovered
1958: NASA was founded
1964: Civil Rights SURREALISM 1920 - 1930(Paris)Act passed on U.S. used cameras and photographs to create a painting
evolved from Pop Art
resulting artworks are direct copies of original pictures
style: precision, reflections, geometricity Richard Estes, "Telephone Booths" (1968) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Richard Estes
Ralph Goings
Audrey Flack
Robert Bechtle
Chuck Close
Duane Hanson
Tom Blackwell
Charles Bell DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1968: Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated
1969: Neil Armstrong became the first man on moon
1972: Pocket calculators introduced
1974: U.S. Presiden Nixon resigned the concent of "beyond a subjective psychological polarized view of reality"
evolution of consciousness
sometimes considered as "sacred art"
art expressed the dissimulated frustrations and struggle of the unconscious self Giorgio de Chirico, Ettore e Andromaca (1973) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Giorgio de Chirico
Caspar David Friedrich
Rene Magritte
Albert Savinio
Mario Sironi DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1975: Microsoft founded
1975: Civil War in Lebanon
1979: Sony introduced the "Walkman"
1980: Pac-man video game released introduced net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality
can be purely computer-generated
2D and 3D computer graphics
computer-generated animations for films Irrationnal Geometrics digital art installation 2008
by Pascal Dombis ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Joseph Nechvatal
Andy Goldsworthy
Ron Mueck
Martin Puyear
Marc Quinn
Louise Bourgeois
Tony Cragg DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 1991: Collapse of Soviet Union
1992: Official End of Cold War
1997: Hongkong returned to China
2001: Wikipedia is launched INSTALLATION ART: 1970s - PRESENT artistic genre of three-dimensional works can either be temporary or permanent
incorporates a broad range of everyday and natural materials
constructed in interior and exhibition spaces
designed to transform the perception of a space Rachel Whitread, Embankment at Tate Modern, London (2005-2006) ARTISTS OF THIS TIME: Allan McCollum
Wolf Vostell
Angus Fairhurst
Liam Gillick DURING THIS ART MOVEMENT: 2001:Apple launches iPod
2005: YouTube is launched
2006: Pluto as "dwarf" planet IMPRESSIONISM: 1867 - 1886
(France) (Germany) CUBISM: 1908 - 1914
(Paris) SURREALISM 1920 - 1930(Paris) ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM: 1940 -1960
(NYC) POP ART: 1950 - 1960(Britain, U.S. PHOTOREALISM: 1960 - 1970(U.S.) METAREALISM: 1970-1980(Europe) DIGITAL ART: 1990 - PRESENT
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