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The Pitanga Project

Invite! Yeah!

Mau Buchler

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of The Pitanga Project

and we're doing it again at Mocean, March 31
Be there. http://eastsidefm.org/ http://eastsidefm.org/world/vibezbrasil/
June 24, Thursday
at Mocean, 1/34a Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach from 7:30pm to 12 The Pitanga Project MAYBE, even a bit of this... good vibes brought to you by: http://eastsidefm.org/listen-online http://eastsidefm.org/listen-online/ We're having a cool, little get-together and we've got
the BEST Brazilian tunes, played by: Associacao Nova uniao da Arte
The Underprivileged Children's Fund So, come over and boogie for 2 good causes http://www.pablitoaustralia.com http://www.realtransfer.com.au/ making life sweeter
:) Join us:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pitanga-Project/122639974420429?ref=ts and we're only charging $5 at the door.
That's, actually, the BEST part... because we're giving it ALL away to: http://eastsidefm.org/listen-online/ Vibez Brazil DJs guest DJ:
Mateus Junqueira surprise band playing live from 8:30 June 24, Thursday night, the Pitanga Project is all about... WORLD CUP FEVER!! WE've got the BEST Brazilian music, played by... + So, we're charging $5 at the door, BUT we're giving it ALL to... AND we're giving YOU some of these: tickets to the massive Brazil x Portugal party at Coogee Bay Hotel!!
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